Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have a random assortment of underthings.

Lane Bryant '32

Lane Bryant '33

National Bella Hess

Rowman's '38

Sears summer '43


Kate O said...

Thank you for sharing! Vintage under-garments always look a bit scary, though! Kate x

Shelly said...

I love the petticoats! They're much shorter than I would have imagined. Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

I love the names they gave things back then like "adaptolettes". Somebody had to sit around a conference table and think that up. They don't look any too comfortable do they?

Miss Ash said...

I love that the women in the top two pictures actually look like women! I wish today's models were more varied and voluptuous.

Mary said...

Wow, some of those things were real contraptions, weren't they?? This was cool, thanks!

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