Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Progress, progress, progress.

Hey everyone! I've had my hands in quite a few things these past few days so sorry for the MIA-ness.

One good thing is I started on some of my underthings. Well, I cut out some of them anyway. I got this white poplin a while ago I was going to use for mockups but in taking stock of my underthings situation, I decided to use it to make some breeches. I like to wear breeches when I wear dresses with my garter belt and stockings. They are cool and comfy and keep my thighs from touching. Perfect. 

I want to make a total of five pair, but this fabric only yielded two. I'll have to either buy some more light cotton or look in my stash to see what I have.

I'm using my slacks pattern for these bloomers (it's versatile that way). Perhaps I'll trim the legs in some pretty lace or whatnot. These will be pretty simple, again, just filling a need. I'm sure you all know how that can be.

Oh! I also got a few sewing jobs! Yay! One is restoring this beautiful 20s cloche for a friend. She got it at a costume sale for 99¢. Its in pretty bad shape. The velvet cut outs are destroyed, and the lining, which is silk, is disintegrating. Good thing is, I have experience in restoring 20s things.

 *How cool is that tag?! Its stitched into the crown of the hat's lining. I'm going to take it out and stitch it back to the new lining, though I won't be doing that intricate stitching :)*

The felt is a beautiful midnight blue/violet and still in good shape. She might want to have it cleaned, but that's no biggie. She bought some nice navy silk for the lining and some striped velvet for the insets.

 I'll have to cut out the insets (most of this hat is hand sewn). But all in all this whole process won't be anything unlike the 20s purse. I had hoped to do this project during MnM11, but we just couldn't get together before it ended. Still, just because Make and Mend is 'over' that don't mean you need to stop it, right?

Speaking of sew-alongs, I'm gearing up for the Plain Pattern Project.

I decided on the Simplicity. Partly because I've wanted to make that dress for about 8 months now. I think it's great and versatile and will make out great in triplicate. Also, in my etsy store I've highlighted some patterns that I think will be great for this project, for those that are still shopping around. they will be marked with this picture in their listing.

I have a feeling this sew along is going to generate some great garments. I've added new rooms to the Flickr group. One to show us what pattern(s) you have selected (hey, this sew along time frame is more than enough to do a few patterns...think about that!). Also, don't forget to sign into the check in and post a banner. Every bit helps!

*another segue*
Speaking of generate, I've managed to generate a job, well get a job! Yay! It's a freelance gig and I will be doing a lot of drawing and will have to post here intermittently for a while until I get on an even schedule. I'm sure you all understand. Yay employment!

And with all of that I will leave you with an image of my homemade coffee extract. First time, yeah!!


Jane said...

Congratulations on the job Shelley! It looks like you are going to be a busy gal.

Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Congrats on the freelance gig! :)

The VIntage Mexican Seamstress said...

congrat's on the job ! love your pattern pick for the plain project, am still debating will post my pattern pic later on today thanks and the best of lucks with the job!!

Stephanie in AR said...

Is it alright to choose a plain pattern for a child? I have some vintage from my mother/grandmother that I think would do nicely. I've had the patterns for years & the daughter it was for is now a mother herself but her little sisters would look just as cute.

Shelleyj said...

Sure Stephanie, a plain pattern for a youngster is perfectly fine :)

And thanks everyone on the congratulations! Im a bit nervous about the job, but I always am when I start a new project.

synj-munki said...

ooh, I can't wait till you tackle the bra (are you tackling the bra from the pattern?)! I'd like to read your insights to the pattern (also, one of the pieces is flipped, I think)

Shelleyj said...

I am gonna be doing the bra from the pattern synj :) I'm also gonna be working on a leisure bra template from a pattern that pretty much kicked my ass the first time I tried it. *sigh* embarrassment.....!

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