Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm choosing a different blouse pattern.

Happy Friday one and all!

Gee, where to begin! It's been a crazy week. Just got word at work that my department is getting more people. Like 6 or seven! So I have to look through tons of portfolios and choose the right people for the jobs. Plus set up a new department and get all the needed stuff ready. Whew! Its exciting.

On top of that, I've been dancing my 'arce off, but last night, because I stayed late at work, I decided not to go dancing and that was a good decision. I got home about 6:30 last night and decided to take a 'quick nap'. Turns out waking up at 12:30AM means you've had you night's sleep! So here I am!

As for the blouse I posted earlier this week, I'm thinking this, although a good design, is too finite for my size changing. I had to take in the blouse 1 1/2" already.

 Here is a linen blouse that I'm nearly finished with. This will be my last blouse from this pattern.

I can't keep up, and considering I have to sew a lot of clothes for Camp Hollywood, I need to make clothes that I can adjust in size in case I need to.

I'm looking into making some bias cut wrap skirts, which I've ordered fabric for this morning. I have a linen bias cut skirt that I for to the Cicada club last Sunday and I just LOVED the swoosh of it! So cool and feminine feeling! It's too big now (2" in the waist) so I'm thinking of tracing it off to make up a pattern.

These would make GREAT skirts. They are all with rayon or cotton and on their way to me, yay!!

I see this one as a chevron design.
I'm also looking a taking the bodices from some wrap dresses and converting them into blouses like I did with this last blouse.

Help me pick one.

I'm leaning toward this one.
I've always wanted to make this one. 
I could alter my last PPP pattern and make
a blouse.
Although this one is not a wrap pattern,
I think it *could* work, thoughts?
And this will be my weekend. I'm taking a dancing hiatus for 48 hours in order to get some sewing done! It has to be this way, reluctantly.


mideva said...

I like the the du barry and it's shoulder yoke,but the collars on the other one are they detachable?lots of options there.

Beth said...

Careful with dancing in wrap skirts - they always open up more than you'd think when you spin! The drapier the fabric, the more they open. :)

LOVE that bottom blouse pattern, and your new fabrics are cute. Do you mind if i ask where you ordered from?

Shelley J said...

I like that DuBarry, too, Mideva. Decisions, decisions! :)

Thanks Beth! I planned on doing an elastic tie about half way down the skirt to keep it closed.

I get a lot of fabric here,
As a matter of fact, I just placed an order this morning.

Bratling said...

If you do any sort of pants or skirts with elastic in the waistband, consider using buttonhole elastic. It makes waistbands and such sooo easy to adjust.

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