Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pictures of my new purple jeans!

I hemmed these puppies this morning right before work.

I'm really pleased with the fit, though I could have taken in the waist about one more inch. Still, these feel so much better than those big old jeans I was wearing. It's so strange, the previous jeans were tight when I first made them. Oh well.

Now that I believe I have the fit worked out, I'm gonna flat fell the outside legs on the next pair I make. It will help reinforce stressed seams. I top stitched the darts in these jeans for the same reason. 

They are about 1/2" too long for my tastes, but that length might go away in another washing or two. It's happened before.

Soooooo excited to have fitting jeans again, yay!
Everyone should make jeans!
Okay, have a great Thursday!


sewingandsundry said...

Those look GREAT. I'm officially jealous of how great they fit. I've been making my own jeans for a few years now but I have really struggled with getting a good fit. I've been using stretch denim because I usually make skinny-ish jeans and taking into account how the fabric stretches out as it's worn is hard. Is your denim just cotton or has it got some stretch in it?

puu said...

i LOVE them. great fit, great color, really flattering.

Regena said...

those look really good on you. Nice job!

T'Pel said...

Those look good. And it is good to know that I'm not to only person going through a succession of trial pairs looking for the better fit.

Isis said...

Yes, they fit great! Very nice!

Easily Amewsed said...

Those do look really good.

Shelley J said...

Thanks everyone!

sewingandsundry, this denim is 100% cotton. I don't like using stretch fabrics.

ROBIN said...

You really got a good fit-excellent tailoring skills!

pumpener said...

nice fit, i am really looking forward to getting my sewing skills to the 'make my own jeans' level- im sick of wearing skinny jeans, ur jeans have a lovely cut to them :)

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