Monday, June 4, 2012

Day Project: Changing the clock movement of my starburst clock

Happy Monday everyone.
Man, did I have a packed weekend of dancing, murder, and more dancing. 
More on that later.
I was able to squeeze in a small project here and there, one being the 60's atomic-ish clock I got a couple weeks back.

The clock was as loud as all get out! It's in the hall way and I could hear it in the bedroom when I slept. Plus it kept bad time. I think the movement was getting old. I took the battery out and went on a search for a new movement.

Now, I know nothing about clock movements. They come in different sizes, I guess by the battery they take. This one took a D battery sos that is the type I decided to get.

I found some on sale on eBay for a good price so I now own three. The good new is the cool box. I think they stopped making the D battery movements in the mid 80s, but look at that package design, so cool! You gotta love repair parts packaging, they never change!

Below is the original movement the clock came with. 
Obviously this isn't original. Most likely replace some time ago.

The movement was adhered to the metal back with mounting tape. 
I cut it off with an xacto.

I then removed the tape and goo. 
Apparently this movement was applied in a rather ghetto fashion. 
So, I thought I'd return in kind :).

Me using 3M strips. Couldn't find
mounting tape :)

I could not find the front of the nut for the move to be secured to the clock face, so a friend and I spent 40 minutes in Home Depot getting a nut that fit the thread of this vintage screw.

Not the most attractive, but it works.
(Later I did find the original nut that came with the clock 
and I used that instead of that honkin' nut.)

And there you have it. All fixed on and pretty. I thought this project was going to be so involved, but it actually worked out rather quickly. I'm glad, too. I feel more empowered when I do small projects like this.  
How about you? Did you finish any small empowering projects?

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Beth said...

Very nice! I love the small projects, totally agree about them being empowering. I'm in cleaning mode, and this weekend built a new little drawer unit for my sewing room and I've been reorganizing. Feels good to clear away the old projects and get ready for new stuff!

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