Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A new blouse is finished!

Gooooooood morning one and all. 
Isn't it great to be busy? I love it. It makes me feel kind of important and even thought I have tons to do, in those brakes of chaos, I try to find something that I can do in order to fill the few hours.

Making clothes for myself lately has been the 'fill in' time. Normally, I can dedicate sewing to its own day. I do miss that, but I'm having so much fun lately, and I'm looking like a hobo in my oversized clothes, that I really needed to find, or rather make the time to get my behind some new clothes.

It has not been easy, but actually, eating better helps. I'm not always tired after work, and I can cram in a couple hours of sewing before dance class, or whatever else I need to do.

So the 30's blouse I was starting on a little while ago has been all fitted and ready to go. It just screams two tone, though, I want to do one solid with cool piping.

I'm adding more TLC to this batch of clothes: ribbon trim, careful hemming, cool buttons, you know, the works.

I did a double row of buttons on this particular close. The flower is cotton and the white is linen.

Back caption.

 I really like it and I have two more in the works. I'm looking to make five all together, so we will see how that goes. Next, I'm planning on skirts, bias cut skirts. Of course I'll keep you all posted.
Have a great day everyone!!


Stephanie said...

I love it! You are cute as a (nifty-looking double-row of) button(s)!

Regena said...

the blouse looks great on you. Did you make the jeans too?

Nettie said...

Love it! Great styling with the outfit, too.

Shelley J said...

Thanks! Yes, I did make the pants. I need to make a few more pair.

Lauriana said...

At the risk of sounding like pure repetition of the other commenters: I love the blouse and indeed, the whole outfit. You go girl!

Eva said...

I adore the fabric and you look cool and pretty in it.

susied said...

Super - love the print!

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