Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day Project: Quilted potholders for my Granny!

What a lovely afternoon it is!
I'm at home right now, sewing since 8:30. 
You see, about 6 years ago, I made quilted potholders one Christmas for family and friends. I was talking to my Granny a few weeks ago and she asked if I could make her another one.

"You are still using it!?" I said in disbelief.
"I use it nearly everyday."
Now, I can't tell you how awesome that made me feel, "Of course I'll make you another one!"

This time I used 3 layers of cotton batting as the filler, and a nice cotton calico for the fabric.

They are quilted white on one side and navy on the other.

I trimmed the edges with bias cut tape, and stitched a loop beneath to hang them from a hook.

Yeah, I made peach cobbler last night....
Hmmm.....I might make a new pair for myself. These are on their way to Granny this morning.
I love my Granny!
Have a splendid Saturday one and all!


Nancy's Notes said...

Those are just so cute!! You are such a nice granddaughter!

Graca said...

I know exactly what you mean about hearing that someone uses something you made for them, best feeling ever. The pot holders are sweet, I like the pop of colour in the bias trim.

susied said...


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