Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eat, sleep, sew, work, dance.....

Not in any particular order. 

I'm sure you lovely people are tired of me saying how busy I've been. Even though it's true, still, I should have let you know :)

The box of fabric I ordered came!
These last couple of weeks have gotten away from me. One major time suck has been altering my friend's 50s wedding dress. I'm really glad I got the project, but alterations are always much more time consuming than making something from scratch. Like stepping back in snow footprints.

I'm going to do a whole post on it, but I thought you all might like to see a picture of the progress.

I also got dishes.

The lovely lady, Amy, who I'm doing the dress alteration for brought over this cool 30s (yeah, real 30s) side table for me. As you can see, the cat has staked a claim.

 This past weekend I put a lot of things on hold and decided to sew for myself. Yes! I need pants, shit!
I was thinking of altering my 40s pants even more, but I decided to go for something new and fancy. The cigarette pant.

Isn't this pattern cool! I thought it would be as  awesome as the illustration. Well, let this be a HUGE lesson, especially when dealing with 50s patterns. They add ease like a mo-fo.

These are my normal pants, ones that are too large and I just thought it was time to 'retire' them. 

I cut them up and wanted to see if the fit of these with some slight alteration could be made into some wonderful pant pattern. Hey, why don't I compare these to the 50s pant pattern I want to make!? Great idea, Shelley!

Um...this pattern is larger than the already large cut up pants.
Well crumbs.

I decided to trace off my 40s pattern for pants and taper the leg quite drastically.
The result are those cool jeans in a plum denim. I didn't have any energy to make any type of to stitching business. I am working in a time crunch, after all.

You know, I worked so hard to get those done thinking, "Whew, all I have to do is hem them and add a button to the waist band. That won't take any time at all.

They are still waiting to be finished :)
Same for this skirt. 

But this might be of interest to you...
I don't know what to tell Onda.
I based this skirt from the Simplicity pattern because I really like the gathered in front. 

This flower bust rayon has an amazing drape! AMAZING. This is one of my tester garments for Camp Hollywood.

Oh! And I go a dress commission and made a cover for my home bar.

I still need to add some buttons to this...
Thanks! :D

Thanks to everyone who commented on the dance stuff I posted. I appreciate the words of encouragement and support. I find if I just talk about it, to purge my raw feeling on the topic, then I can get past the pain faster and with more resolve. I'm still going to dance, I'm still going to have fun.

And to those that think I think I'm ugly because of the phrasing I used, SO FAR FROM IT. I think I'm lovely, always have, it's just I get flustered when people perceive me differently than what I see, and the only reason for the mis-treatment is that they don't see in me what I see.

Okay, Happy Thursday! Wait, it's Wednesday. See...sleep.


Graca said...

Oh I'm so happy you're still going to dance! That just made my morning a million times better than that first cup of coffee. (That post made me cry and angry too.) Love the 1930's table! Can't wait to see the 1950's alteration on the wedding dress.

Sirens Sexy said...

I can't wait to see how the cigarette pants turn out!

Shelley J said...

They dont turn out. I didnt make them. That pattern I laid on top of the cut out jeans IS the cigarette pants pattern.

Regena said...

more like a cigar pant.
You have been a busy little critter. Can't wait to see the wedding dress on the bride!!

Rose said...

I'm also glad that you are still going to dance.


Rose in SV

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