Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Calico dress commission.

 I love my followers. You all are the most supportive and interested folks I've come across. I'm happy that you all get what you do from my ramblings, and it thrills me when you seek me out and trust me with a garment to make.

One of my readers/etsy customers commissioned me for a dress. The event she wanted to wear it to was a WWII even in her town. She was frustrated with the lack of items in her size, and wanted a nice respectful period dress. 

I was the person to call.

First off, I had this lovely lady take some measurements for me. Everything from the width of her neck, to the length of her back. Then, I made a mock up and mailed it to her. From there, once I knew it fit well, I made the final. 

She left the fabric up to me, but had a guideline of navy with white dots, preferably cotton. I was all about it and picked up this calico like cotton that I felt would be feminine and classic.

As I got into making the dress, I just HAD to add ric-rack on the pockets. The pockets on this dress were quite interesting. They join and make front belt loops, and I had to work with that!

The breast pocket is from two pieces sewn up the middle. That allows for rid-rack abundance. 

The dress was a simple shirtwaist, and I have tons of experience with those. I did underestimate the fabric, but she was very understanding about that. The dress got to her in time. 

I had a lot of fun doing this dress and I'm glad it was a hit at her event. She said she got a lot of compliments on it :)


Pixie said...

I just love that ric-rac detail. What a cute dress!

Janice said...

Looks awesome! I love the ric-rac.

Debbie said...

Oh those pockets are wonderful and the fabirc looks very 40s. Love it.

Anna Polin said...

It would be great if she posted pics, or sent you one!

Jenn said...

Very nice! I love the fabric and the ric rac!

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