I'm back!

Well lookie here, I'm blogging again!

I wish I could say that I took a 'brake' of some sort, but life just kept going. I for one wanted to zip lock myself and just hide out in the freezer for a month suspended in time so I could collect my thoughts and pause for a bit. I've wanted to do that for a while, but alas, the foreverware version of Eerie Indiana isn't real, yet...

What I was really hoping to grab a hold of was my life. I just felt like life was slipping out of my hands. So, in an effort to try and refocus, I decided to prioritize. I focused on work, and the new team of 5 people I had. I mean, if work trusted me enough to give me a team, then my input MUST be valuable. Well, they dismissed all of my team after 5 weeks, and now it's just me and one other person I hired who is now on video. So at work, I'm back where I started. And no raise.

This is Rosy!
Here she is post groomers.
I also got a dog. A friend posted on the Face Book that she was fostering a dog. I have wanted a dog for a while, and since I had to give up Taylor (who got re-adopted by the way),  and I felt I was in a better place, I wanted to give a home to a pooch who needed one.

She's a chow mix, 10 years old, has arthritis, a mammary tumor and a limp. But what a sweetie. I wanted an older dog because I wanted to feel I was giving some creature a home for whatever time they had left. Rosy had 12 days. She passed away right as I was walking in the house from coming back from the pet store. I was with her when she died, so I guess I can say I gave her that. She had a good two week home with me, and I'm going to savor her time with me. Now, me getting her body to the pound for disposal was something that could have been written by the Cohen brothers...

That was only the first two weeks of July!

I was also bombarded with sewing projects, not just for myself, but for others. I finished my friend's wedding dress restoration, and I'll post more on that soon. 

I also had a dress commission for a WWII event one of my reader's was having. That was fun, if not a big job in a short time, but all went well and that made me happy.

I also managed to squeeze in a dress from one of my repros for a Vintage Baseball game that happened one sunny Saturday morning.

From then on out I did some work for one of my dance instructors and she wore what I fixed for her in competition! I'm glad I used that yellow bias tape on the skirt hem. I think it gives some pop!

 That branched into doing some things for myself for Camp Hollywood, one of the longest running Lindy events in the world. I took tons of classes, dance and had a great time.

Now I'm back. I wish I could say that life is tighter in my grasp, but not by much. I'm not trying to be ungrateful at all with my lot, but I loathe uncertainty and I've been living with it for so long. I guess I need to digest it, get back on that horse and keep going.

So, now what? Well for one, my etsy store is open again. Yeah! I'm ramping up my online presence and need the help of my readers for exposure.

Help get my name out there! 

Not just for my store, but for my blog, too. Post a link, share a story, help me gain a larger web presence. I'd really, really appreciate it. 'Like' my FB page while you are at it. Add comments and posts. The more talk I get the more people I reach. I'm finding it hard to keep afloat. Even though I'm constantly getting referrals, I don't want to fall too behind my peers. I know, shameless plug, but what can I say!? I can't do it on my own. I need you guys, too!

So there is a recap of this last month. It's a lot and I'll go into detail more this week. I just really, really want to thank you all for being there for me, giving encouragement and just being my internet rock when I need to complain, share happy news, or just dish. You all are a swell, lively bunch of folks.

I'll see you shortly. Have a great day!


  1. Hello! I've been reading your blog for a while but had to comment today.

    Rosy looked lovely - and you gave her 2 weeks of love and a peaceful end - how many people or animals get that? You should be very proud of the compassion you showed her - not many people are willing to give a home to an animal they know they will have to soon grieve over.

    I know you've had a rough time of late - but you have a big fan here (even if I am a few thousand miles away).

    I also have to mention the Foreverware quote. Eerie Indiana was shown here in the UK years ago but on a minor channel in the middle of the day. I loved it - with the Foreverware episode being my favourite. However, whenever I mention it nobody here has any idea what I'm talking about!

  2. hey there!
    So sorry to read that you're feeling down. I have been reading your blog for few month only, (have only recently discovered that there was such things as sewing blogs, duh!) but I like it very much and put it in my short list of favorite read.
    You seam to have a very big heart (rosy must have been well loved in her last days) and a very productive life with work, dancing and sewing. Those are things to be proud of.
    the garments you are making always look so proficiently made, not every one can master sewing skills, and pattern adjustment like you seem to be doing. I certainly can't.
    So, that was my pat on your shoulder for what its worth ; and I'll make sure to tell everyone around me that I know are into vintage clothes about your etsy shop.

    Bon courage pour tout.

  3. So nice to have you posting again! I only just discovered your blog a few months ago and already was missing your updates.

    I used to wear vintage clothing all the time in my twenties, I had the best wardrobe. Then I had kids and gained weight and felt I couldn't wear clothing like that anymore. Finding your blog and seeing pictures of you in your clothing gave me the confidence to find a new style. I bought some patterns off Ebay, made a few new dresses and I love how they look. I've had to pace myself on not buying up every pattern I find and I'm looking forward to returning to work with a new wardrobe.

    Also, I volunteer at a shelter as a dog walker, and I think you did such a wonderful thing giving Rosy a home for those last few weeks. Dogs live very much in the moment and it doesn't really matter what happened to Rosy earlier in her life since she was able to die knowing she was loved.

  4. I'm glad you are back to blogging--I've missed your posts. You have such a lovely, strong heart to take in an older dog--God bless you for giving her the love and peace in her last days. And as for your unsettled feeling--you are in a period of spiritual and emotional growth. Don't you think butterflies feel a little strange and uncertain as they emerge from their cocoon? Wishing you all the best!

  5. Oooh, sad but beautiful tale of Rosy. And I'm glad you enjoyed Camp Hollywood. I hope you had lots and lots of dances. :-) And congrats on the sewing projects, looking great.

  6. Wow, you've had an eventful time while you were away. Sorry to hear about Rosy, but I'm so happy you gave her a home and peace in her last days. Welcome back.

  7. Echoing the previous, you have been missed, Rosy was lucky to find you (and vice versa) and I AM VERY curious about the wedding dress restoration. I am faced with a dress that looks like it's in a coffin (the bodice is on a plastic form) and seems to be The Most Boring Wedding Dress Made in 1952. The bride will not fit it, I know without a tape to tell it, and...I see a jacket We'll see.

  8. I've been reading your post for about a year now but never commented. Just wanted to tell you i check your site every night before bed and have really missed you. Hang in there girl and remember it's always darkest just before the dawn. Happier days are ahead for you i know it. Check your local animal shelter they could always use an extra hand or a foster family for wayward pet.

  9. I'm sorry to hear about Rosy; she looked like a sweetie. I'm sure she enjoyed the time she had with you. Our older dog is 15-16.

    Hope August is a better month!


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