Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day Project: Canvas Wardrobe Cover

Good morning lovely people. For some reason, I went to sleep right after work last evening, and woke up at 11:30 that evening. So I simply decided to stay up and do laundry, cut out a skirt (more on that later) and wash my hair. All things I put off.

I'm good at putting things off, but when I get up the gumption to do something, I feel such a since of satisfaction!

This canvas cover is one of those projects. I know I told you all that I bought a bolt of heavy duty canvas a while ago. I decided to push myself and make the cover that I'd been planning for months. Now, I planned on making two: One for the shelf in the bedroom I'm suing as a closet (I know, two closets are not enough!) and one for my fabric in my sewing space. I'm changing the shelf in the fabric area in a couple of months so I opted out of making a cover for that shelf.

My inspiration was the actual kind of covers that are sold for these industrial shelves.

I wanted to make this cover back when I was poor and thought I could get some cheap canvas and whip one out in no time. I actually went to the store to look at them and the canvas they use is pretty flimsy. That brings us to now and this amazing quality bold of canvas I bought.

To tell the truth, I made the home bar as practice for this project. I had never done a cover before that was not for something soft, where minor measurement oopses could be forgiven. With this, I had to make sure it was not too large so it would not drape, or too small to where it would not fit.

I made a diagram and set to work. I originally wanted the front flaps to have zippers and the two flaps would be able to be rolled up, but the 72" long zippers I finally found were not open bottom zippers and I really didn't want to go through the trouble of finding new zippers or altering the ones I bought, so  I just made twist tie closure for the cover.

Wrapping the cover on the shelf for it's first fit.
It's one wrap around piece. Here it is being ironed.
Also, to maximize the use of fabric, I pieced part of the cover. Because I didn't like the look of the flat felled seam, I turned it to the bottom when I was doing my first fitting. I then added the top and the ties were sewn on, and presto.

I flat felled the seams in red (now I wish I had made them nude like the canvas color) and the ties in red. It looks a bit gimmicky, but it works and I LOVE the fit.

 These are the best I could get for the pictures of the cover in its natural habitat. It's a closed in space because I've kind of created an alcove to change in thats adjacent to one of the closets and the shelf. Its like a mini changing area! :)

I tend to leave it open because closing all those ties is a pain.
I even sewed in ties to keep the flaps open.
To me, the cover makes my room look larger, and all my undergarments are now hidden from view, which was the plan all along.

Have a great Saturday!


Dangtryagain said...

It may be too late to mention now, but what about putting velcro instead of ties? You may need less and it would be a lot easier to open and close.

Shelley J said...

I actually thought about velcro, but opted against it for dust and stray lint reasons. That, and I was set on either ties or a zipper. :)

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