Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Goodies Showcase!

And now I get to share some of the goodies I acquired last month. 

I know that I didn't post a June Pattern Showcase, and right now, quite frankly, I forget what I bought in June! I actually don't think I got many, if any patterns that month. I've been on a kick of getting goodies for the apartment. And yes, I'm still waiting to hear back on my couch.

This is a lovely novelty WWII postcard. Gotta love these!

I also got a repro WWII poster. Black propaganda material from that time is rare, and if I can find it, I try to get it. So when someone alerted me to this 8x10 ORIGINAL pin up of a black nurse, I jumped on it! Its on its way to me as I type.

I also added some bridge score cards (the lower right) to my blackface collection. As well as this bank. I thought it was clever being a peanut butter jar. You fill it with pennies (brown haha) and you get a blackface character all over again.

I also got this early 40s string holder, but it turns out she was a reproduction, so I messaged the seller and got her for a fraction of the original price.

This is great segue to sewing related material.

Got these pieces at the Rose Bowl flea market.

These fabrics I bought from Jo Ann's. *sigh* They are not the best, but I needed material for clothes for Camp Hollywood, and I didn't have time to go downtown. They are all 100% cotton.

Also, I spotted this 30s Excella sign on eBay a few weeks ago but the seller wanted an obscene amount for it. I messaged them and got it for a decent price, but not a bargain. Now I have three of these cardboard signs. I think that constitutes a collection. I still have to get these two framed.

Last but not least I got this carafe set from some friends for my housewarming. They had it that entire time and at Camp Hollywood I was FINALLY able to get it from them. Isn't it great! Its totally 50s/60s and the carafe is branded pyrex. SUPER CUTE and perfect on my home bar :)

Oh, and I did buy ONE pattern:

That's most of what I can remember. I think I scored good. I'm especially excited about the wall art. If any of you lovely readers happens across some goodies like this, hit me up with a link, I'd love to have some extra sets of eyes out there seeing the goodness of vintage.

Have a great day!!


Sara said...

Wow, great finds! Expecially love the Excella sign.

susied said...

Cool bootie!

And ever since you started the telling of your couch adventure, I've been curious as to what happened. Will look forward to the next chapter :) (Almost like a mystery serial, isn't it?!)

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