Monday, October 22, 2012

Details make all the difference.

I do like these very much.

They do help to brake up the space very well and I'm glad that I did both shirring and the pin-tucking for them. I love the contrast of the textures and I've already received compliments on them!

The shirring came together rather fast and the pin-tucking took the longest. I was able to stay rather straight with the stitching and because the cotton had a bit of give, it made the pillow a good taunt fit.

I did a deep flap on the back of the pin-tucked pillow so it would keep it's shape.

Not to say I didn't have the occasional accident. I guess the iron was too hot for the thread. It's strange because I had used this thread before and this iron this hot before. Go figure.

For the shirred one, I did a simple flap because of all the stretch. I think I might sew a ribbon on the outer edge to help it keep it's shape.

I really understand how embellished items can really bring a richness to something now. Laboring over something does create a jewel that you can really look on and think, "Yeah, it was worth it."

All this crafting got me to thinking. All that thinking got me to planning.
Then this happened.

I've never quilted a big project other than all the fabric for a quilted jacket I made, but using blocks and planning a pattern, nope. I went looking for a good intermediate type of pattern that I could do well. The Cathedral Window seemed to fit what I was looking for.

For my queen sized bed, I've calculated it will take about 15 yards of fabric for the circles which I'll get soon. I plan on doing a diagram for how I'm going to lay out the center squares. This project will take a good 6 months, so I've got plenty of time to play. I am excited, though.

Each finished square is 2 1/2". I'm planning on making the quilt 90"x90" so I'll need 36x36 squares. That totals 1296 squares! What's wrong with me!? Haha!


Valerie said...

I love what you did with the pillows--very inspiring! As for the quilt, just do a couple of squares a day, and you'll be surprised at how fast they come together. It will be beautiful!

Gail Ann Thompson said...

I love the Cathedral Windows pattern and agree with Valerie who suggests doing a few squares a day. I believe it can be made in relatively small sections and then later joined together. I've seen it made up with a black background, and the colors just pop!

Shelley J said...

Thanks ladies! In my head, I'm planning on doing it 5x5-ish at a time. I think that will be a workable/portable amount.

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