Thursday, October 18, 2012

Too much red.

I love looking at other people's dome decor. It's a great way to grab inspiration in places where people actually live instead of only magazines and photos on pintrest. I recently was looking through this thread on the Fedora Lounge and was just inspired by all the variations of vintage and modern fused together.

It would appear I love the color red. I'm not ashamed of it, I do like living with warm colors around me. I've had red drapes since I lived in San Francisco, and I think they add a dramatic flare to a space, especially when sunlight shines through.

I mean, I would paint the walls red if it didn't make a space feel smaller. I do love that color.

I do mean what I say when I say, 'to live in'. I like it a lot in home decor, but wear in moderation. I've seen cool colored homes, and they look great, but I feel cool colors wash me out and make me feel low when I live in them.

But I feel this is too much.

Well, I didn't until a friend came over the other day and it just hit me. She didn't say anything really, I was just looking around and was just, 'Wow. That's a lot of red.' I looked to the colors in my couch to remedy this over saturation and to pull inspiration.

I'm using that red towel to cover the couch because I know if it's not the there the cat will take full advantage and vomit on my nice new cushions. I hate him somtimes. I can just get another color towel/cover for that, no problem. That brakes up some of the red, the next step was the throw pillows I recently covered!

The gold and yellow greens in the patterns of the flowers of the cushions could be a good draw. Also the corals too, but no, that color makes me look green. I went to my fabric stash to see what I had.

I had a couple of yards of this nice tan yellow which is a lovely compliment to the colors in the couch. Perfect. Now, with this being MnM season, I felt I had to do something in the spirit of the sew-along.

Pin-tucked pillow covers!? Dare I!? Can I!?

I cut the fabric in half figuring I would use one yard for each pillow. After pressing it handily,  I folded a piece in half, on the grain side that had the least give, and pressed that. I then choose a nice fabric, wound three bobbins, and started to sewing.

Oh, silly me. Sewing a 1/2" tuck. What am I thinking! Ahhhh! After I undid that stitch, (mind you, as I was thinking how ridiculously large this tuck was I was still sewing it then had to make myself stop), I started again with much better results.

Here is the pillow cover 5 tucks in. This is going to take a while, but I think the outcome will be grand. I'm actually excited about this little project. I plan to do about ten rows a day-ish, if not more. That's a lot of thread. That's a lot of tax on my machine.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.
Have you ever looked around your home and had something hit you, 
like, wow, that's too much of that!
Please share!


sew vala said...

I do not think that is to much red, my kitchen and bedroom are both in the same shade of red and gold and my living room is a slightly darker shade. It is such a lovely and warm colour. I agree on the cooler shade they may have a 'fresh' feel about them but they make me feel sad. Also I have not had chance to start on this years make and mend which also makes me sad.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Shelley,
Have you ever tried twin-needle pintucks on your machine? If your machine can use a twin-needle, it makes pintucks so much faster! If you also have a pintuck foot with grooves for alignment, even better! Post or email me if you'd like more info.

Shelley J said...

Hey Elizabeth,
My machine can use a pin-tuck needle/ twin needle (I have one) but not a foot. :(

snippa said...

I have a red sofa, red arm chairs, red table cloth, red cushions, red rug. Embrace your redness I say. That's a huge room, paint the walls too!

Nothy Lane said...

I am happy you're making pin-tucked pillows ( I like the colour too - it will go nicely with the red). I want to do more pintucking in my sewing. I recently admired someone's skirt that had rows and rows of pintucking.

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