Friday, October 12, 2012

I got a new bed!

Happy Friday everyone!

It's been a nice week. The first rain storm of the fall happened today making everything smell clean and fresh. My new cushions for the royalchrome chair came and all I have to do is finish the covers for them.

I also took a leap and bought a bed, causing me to get my old queen size bed frame from the storage closet in the basement.

Oh, I'm excited. I got one of those memory foam beds. Yeah, it's a knock off. I'm not rich! Still, it looks cool and unpacking it from the black wrap made it swell like an zip locked marshmallow fresh to air! I barely had time to get it on the frame.

I bought these peg boards to use as a base or the mattress since I don't have a box spring. The worked great.

The memory foam has to 'fluff' for two days until it is ready to be slept on so I'm on my air mattress in the living room until tomorrow night. I have to say, the location change must have been good for me because I slept the best I have in quite some time. Tee hee.

You know how you feel a need to sort through some stuff then you do and even though it really was not needed, you feel better after you've done it? That's how felt about my tool chest and the trunk I have filled with 5 year old tech. I mean I threw away a lot of screws I didn't use, a lot of old electronic stuff, and old cables and adapters. I'm all about pairing down and creating open spaces in my apartment, and weeding through stuff makes me feel better.

Makes me feel better. But, that could be the three beers I've had as I write this. No, it's the origination. Maybe after 6, I'll feel that way :)

Okay, bye!

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