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Finished Royalchrome chair

Happy Tuesday one and all. 
I feel I have neglected you all these last few weeks. It's been stressful at work, and its strange, the more you try to maximize your time, the less you appear to have.

I've also been doing some walks/hikes after work. Generally 2 1/2 miles a day. Those have been fun and take about an hour after work, so that cuts into my sewing time, but thats time for me. I day dream a lot during my walks. I sort out projects in my head, think through characters and stories. You know, me time :)

I have also gotten quite a few sewing projects. I'm starting on a dress tonight, and I'll be doing a dress commission, and a pair of pants on commission. Not to worry, those will be blog posts, too!

But I have had some time to work on some MnM projects. 

One being the final cushion cover for my royalchrome set. Look, I know you all are more than likely tired of hearing about my obsessive royalchrome...obsession, but hey, I can't stop yammering about these things. I love them so.

For this one I decided to use the leftover fabric I bought for the seat couch cushions. I had a few yards left, and I didn't know if there would be any left, and didn't want to go get the flower fabric from downtown. Instead, I used the remaining flower fabric to pipe the covers.

I had to do quite a bit of piecing with this fabric, but I had enough to finish.

And you know what goes with it? I got one of my pattern AD boards framed. Now I'm two for three. One more to go!

I really like this one. I used a dark coppery color for the mounting board and it worked great. I had this framed at Arron's Brothers, and I used my 60% off coupon. It was still over $100, but not by much. The actual frame was 60% of that. Okay... There is a small framing shop down the road from me. I think I'm going to have my 30s Excelca framed there. I bet it will be cheaper because they frame in house. Why didn't I go there? I have no idea.

So rest assured, things are going well for me. I'm just trying to cram in more and more projects.
What else are you all working on?
Have a great day!


  1. That chair is just perfect! I am not working on much as I am off to the States next week, but do have a Halloween costume to put together for my daughter back home (I am repurposing a skirt of mine). I love how your kitty likes to be in your pics!

  2. The chair looks fabulous. I really admire your perseverance with this project and the result is great!

  3. The chair looks great! Are all the pieces done now???

  4. Love the contrast of the chair--keeps it interesting. I am so impressed with your skills!


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