Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MnM Progress

Hi all!
This past week had me in a tizzy. I got sick, and it just took over. I was even out from work for 4 days. I thought, that's it, I'm going to the doctor, for real.

I've just started an insurance plan, so I was relieved to establish a primary care phisician. She was nice and stayed with me for a time to get to the root of my problem. She concluded I was healthy and that with all other evidence, this pointed to a sinus infection.

My left ear is apparently clogged, so not enough air equals goo forming and me getting sick. Well dang blasted! She's put me on a regimen and the cough syrup she prescribed is making me high :) but I think I'm on the road to permanent recovery, for good this time. SO GLAD.

Because I was out for that time I'm going to extend my MnM for a couple more weeks. For my own doing if nothing else. I have a couple smaller projects to finish, like these oven mitts, and my house coat is still sitting in piles (more on that later).

I did work on a dress for someone. It was a 'commission' and reaffirmed how I feel a need to be careful about sewing for friends. It's a 60's inspired sheath dress made of cotton pique with a button front.

I drafted the dress from a dress she already had. Ugh!

One of the cool things I got to do while working on this dress was use my walking sewing foot. I've never been into sewing with bells and whistles, and I know, a walking foot isn't really a bell or whistle, but to me it is. Turns out I really like it. It's not a cure all of shifting fabric, but it does indeed help.

The dress turned out good, thought I don't have any finished shots, just some construction ones. The experience of this dress made me feel, lackluster, shall we say. Not the dress, that was my normal craftsman ship, just the experience. But I digress...

I also worked on a couple of real commissions. Those I'll share at a later date.

I'm also moving forward on the quilt and ordered my 25 yards of tan/cream velveteen to use as the cathedral circles. I'm going to back it with a tan cotton pique. Super excited about that!

In preparation for the quilt, I've also bought some cotton thread (Joann was having a 50% thread sale yesterday), and a lot of sewing machine feet!

Look it them all! I got them on eBay for a pretty good deal, and I've been playing with them. I decided to get them when I was looking through a lot of my sewing stuff and found I did have a pintuck foot and a double needle! HA! I thought I only had the needle. Look through your stuff, people.

Here is an old set for an invisible zipper foot. It was in my Mother's old sewing things. I never looked at the instructions. They are like $3 on eBay.

I also got a ruffler foot. 

I like it but can't use it just yet because I need to eventually have my machine serviced. The shaft is leaning a bit to the right. I'm sure in other instances in life that would be okay, but sewing machines, not so much. 


MistressCatgirl said...

I have a very similar ruffle foot and I love it! It's made my life a lot easier. You do have to tweak it from time to time.

snippa said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend.

Also the MnM extension since I've only managed 1 completed item with my whiplashed neck. Feeling more mobile since the physiotherapist's headlock (no joke) so might get some sewing done now.

Alison said...

I am glad to hear that you are starting to feel better, and really excited that you will be extending the MnM, as I am only one garment away from finishing!

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