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MnM 2012: Pillow Cases for a shoddy Pillow

Happy Saturday one and all. 
I hope your week ending festivities are going well. I'm at home sewing all day and I have to say I love it. Granted, they are not projects I would WANT to do, but need to be done.

But before I hit the trails with some other non me projects, I wanted to get this one out of the way first.

I purchased two throw pillows from Target's clearance rack the other day. $10 each. They are pretty firm and are great for those of us who like to drape a pillow on our lap when we are sitting (raises hand). They are like a makeshift table, but I digress.

These pillows are filled with shoddy material, literally. I thought that tag was amusing. Just HOW shoddy I wonder? ;)

The thing is, I hate pillows that don't have a cover I can throw into the wash at my leisure. Why? I have a cat and he sheds. That and I think it's stupid to dirty up something that can't be cleaned. Why did you buy it if you can't re-use it? To me that is the point of MnM. Making something that's meant for a short time last it's true life.

What did I do? I looked at my fabric stash and decided that I was going to make some pillow cases for these two finds. I choose some thin red cotton/polly I save for mock ups. I also used this fabric or the skirt of my bedroom vanity, and having bought ten yards at $1 a yard some time ago, I had plenty left.

Measuring? Ha! Making a pattern I be damned! I was ghetto with this. I cut a long strip that covered the front (taking into account some seam allowance) wrapping it around. It's like the shoddy pillow's own sausage casing!

I thin pinned it and stitched it, and because I was too lazy to change the white thread in my serger, I zig-zagged the raw edge, cut it down, and stuffed that pillow inside.


This took me 20 minutes, no foolin'. Now I can use my pillows, throw the case in the wash, and reuse the shoddy pillow again with no consequences!

I love it when a plan comes together.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Just the right amount of color pop!

  2. An older meaning of the word shoddy referred to mix of fibers (wool and I think cotton) that were reused and blended together to make a more inexpensive fabric that the working masses could afford for their clothing. Time period would have been 19th century and into the 20th. I have no idea if that's how the word is used here!


  3. Im totally sure thats the meaning they meant :) remnants, leftovers, questionable material. Still, in modern context, its pretty amusing.


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