Friday, October 5, 2012

Gearing up for weekend sewing.

Happy Friday everyone.
As the work week winds up, I will be gearing up for two days of side work sewing for other people. 
I have a new dress commission that I'm excited about. I also will be making a pattern from a pair of men's pants. THAT is going to be a treat. Plus I have tons of tailoring for other people. Whew!

Granted, not all of this will be done this weekend. 
Though, there is a personal project I do hope to squeeze in here and there. Some MnM items being one.I also finished all the piping for the two cushion that I'm having delivered next week. Man, that's a lot of piping.

I also got some new fabric yesterday.
Well, new to me.

It's a sharkskin and apparently that stuff is very hard to find. Traditionally it is a cotton and rayon weave. That's what gives it the sheen and two tone color shimmer it's known for. It's also pretty wrinkle resistant, but alas, I bought this hoping that the polly blend cited on the listing was inaccurate. Nope.

I have plans for it, though. I really mean it when I say sharkskin is hard to find. If you have a source, please let me know! This polly blend version is nice. I just took it out of the washer and its a bit more 'fuzzy' now. No biggie. I plan to make a bathing suit with it for Viva Las Vegas next year :)

And lastly, my $100 dress sale is going on now in my etsy store.

It's going on all weekend with items being listed all weekend so check it out! 
Okay, thanks and have a great weekend!!

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