Friday, May 31, 2013

Dressing Movie monsters pt 2: The Wolfman Coat

Good morning lovely people.

Oh the coat, oh the coat! So much to show and explain and still simple and classic. All I can say is that I'm glad the coat was not fitted in any way. Despite my efforts in proper fit, I felt I did give a bit in my quality control because it was a 'costume' garment. I mean, I get it. Not everything needs to be at real person wearable quality, but I have standards, dammit, and I'm gonna keep them as hight as I can.

The cape was sewn at the hem just like the pictures.

I made the cape first because it covers all manor of sins the coat construction might give (it didn't), and the pattern I got has it in one piece. I think in the original reference pictures, it's cut at the shoulder seam, but the one piece cloak looks pretty badass to me. I did have to lengthen it about 10" though. Barely fit on the 60"wide fabric!

As I was constructing the coat, I kept looking at the original pictures and wanted to make sure the drape of the lapels fit snub beneath the neck. Most coats like this were made to be worn this way, that's why you have all those extra button holes. I'm sure it kept the wearer toasty. Plus, I love the look of this.

I winged the buttonholes. The coat itself had to be about 47", and the coat has a good 10+ buttons on it.

Here we are, primarily constructed. Whew. There were a few oops in the coat, mainly because of lack of fabric. From the image above (the first one in this post), you can see that I didn't double the fabric of the collar. Mainly because I ran out of piece of wool large enough. That cape was a fabric suck.

Because Ned was so svelte (I love that word), I was able to just drape the coat on him and mark the 47" hem accordingly. I had tacked the hem of the coat because that's how I roll.

Couple things I thought were kind of badass that I didn't plan: 1) The cape hits at the top of the cuff of the sleeve like a mo-fo! 2) The front of the cape drapes in line with the second to last buttons! YEAH! 3) The sleeve hits at the last set of buttons. DUDE! Even when I'm not trying I'm workin' it!

Those realizations made me very happy.

I really love the collar. It's so masculine and has a pea coat-esque flair to it.

Here are a couple of final images of the coat on their forever owner. Despite the claws and facial hair, I think he looks rather distinguished, don't you?

Have a great day!


Mariela said...

WOW! you did an amazing job!

Historical Fashion by Barbara Anne said...

Very nice! Don't you just love it when good shit happens when you're not even looking?

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