Friday, May 24, 2013

Simplicity 3701, take three

Hello lovely people.

As I wait for fabric to arrive for another freelance project, I've dived in and made progress on my Simplicity dresses. Well, one of them anyway.

There is a vintage baseball game early next week and I want to have one of these new dresses ready for it. I spent about 30 minutes ripping all the seams from the sides and the pockets. Not an easy feat considering how light this fabric is.

Once I did that, I re-measured myself and realized that I had to cut 4" from the waist and almost 8" from the hips. I also eased the A line of the sort, but had to move the pockets.

In my haste in trying on the new size, I ripped one of the pins I had in the pockets and also, in my somewhat over sewing desire for this dress (see the rick rack), I made a matching patch for the pocket.

Yeah, I could have just made a new pocket, but whatever, right?
Also, I've sewn the bias tape onto my new blouse and it worked great.

I really love how this is turning out and once I hem the sleeves and the bottom, I'm going to start on a new one. I so need some new clothes. These are going to be great.

Have a great day!


Robin said...

Hi Shelley-Love that wrap blouse! 3 questions:
1) What is the fabric used? 2) Fabric looks delicate--what kind of closure are you using over cleavage spot? 3) Did you cut pattern at hip length? I need summer tops and that blouse is such a breath of fresh air in the sea of plus size rtw junk. ;)

Shelley J said...

The fabric used on the blouse is a cotton lawn. Its sheer and very light. You will need to layer. I cut the pattern to about 10" below the waist. I''m going to hem accordingly. :)

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