Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Simplicity 3701 set back

Good morning lovely people.
I spent yesterday straightening up and mending a couple of things. 
Brian ripped my shirred pillowcase so I patched it up.

I also felt I could get some more wear out of a pair of cotton flannel sleep pants I made so I took some of my leftover flannel and made a rather interesting patch.

But I have to say the most disappointing part of my sewing yesterday was the outcome of the sewing of my Simplicity.

Grrr!! For some reason the sizing was super dooper off!! The bust was larger than needed and the waist and skirt were insanely large.

What the hell!??

Not to mention I look rather frontier right now because the sleeves and skirt are not hemmed.

 I am talking a good 4" off of the waist and hips are needed. Wow, how could I be this far off!? I'm never this far off! Oh well. I think I'll put this dress on the back burner until I get the energy to rip some seams and remove and relocate the pockets.

I'm going to adjust the pattern and cut out another dress most likely tomorrow. Aw well, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.


Donna said...

I sympathize with your sewing frustrations, but have to admit it makes me feel slightly better about the 1940's dress I'm working on, which is also about 4 inches off in the waist--and I measured and measured again! So annoying.

Emileigh Mimi said...

Well, I'm often that far off, haha, so no worries! :)
It's still gonna look really great though, once you get this all figured out.

Lisette said...

I'm frequently off a lot too! I'm sad for you on this, but I did enjoy seeing your grumpy pictures.

Valerie said...

Your pic of frustration is priceless. I also must say I love the Brian pics, this one particularly. Big ole dog, all curled up with his blankie. (I'm a dog person myself, with 2 and a cat who owns me as well). I patch a lot of stuff too; I've got a pair of jeans that is practically nothing but patches on the inside and thread. Most comfy jeans I own, they're softer than some of my PJ pants. Good luck on the dress! You'll get there!

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