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Simplicity 3701, Take Two

Good morning lovely people.

Where am I gonna sit?
I decided to get off my arse and take another crack at this Simplicity pattern. I know a lot of people find it hard to rework a failed attempt. I'm totally one of them, but I really like this pattern and seeing as how my mock up fit so well, I decided after a few alterations I'm good to go.

I did some minor changes to the bodice; I tilted the center seam in about 1/2" so I didn't get any pucker in the center front of the bodice (which was covered up by the yoke of the first dress). I also took in the sides, the arms, the shoulders, and the skirt by a lot. Huh, I guess I DID do more than I thought to this pattern.

I hope I'm good to go because I love the fabric that I'm using.

There is going to be another vintage baseball game next month, and this dress would be great for it. I didn't really plan it that way, it's that sometimes things work out for the awesome.

I did, however, mess up again. I sewed the yoke and the front bodice together but forgot to sew in the yoke inset part. You know, the part that makes this pattern so awesome!? Crap, and I had basted and turned under the outside edge for that part so well. I guess I'll use it on another dress.

This time I did take extra care on the rick rack. I kept careful alignment of the seam allowance and basted the pieces together first (the blue thread), then I sandwiched the rick rack into that seam and sewed it all again (the white thread). 

I have a good feeling this dress is going to work out pretty well. I am a bit concerned about the under arms. The front seems a bit low to me, and when I make this dress again (if this one is successful), I'll raise the arms a bit, if needed.

So how about you. How often do you bow to defeat of a botched pattern? Do you toss it forever, or do you rework it to conquer the beast!?

Have a great Monday!


  1. I'm still not very good at altering patterns, so I guess the practice would be good but I rarely do it.

  2. I try and rework it, but it helps if I set it aside for a little while. Not too long or I'll forget or lose interest. I have a dress that turned out too big, and with an uneven hem somehow. It's been hanging in my closet for a few weeks, it's time to see what can be done.

  3. I also have some "needs work" items in the closet, but patterns are a different matter. I dump the pants that don't work, because I've got ones that do. A pattern I loved that failed is an ongoing project to ponder; right now the Colette Jasmine top is laughing at me, and I'm dumping it. The Origami Blouse from Sewing Workshop, however, was a lust object that didn't turn out that well, and I will take another crack (or two or three) at it to see where I can make it work for shortwaisted, flatchested me.

    I'm wondering where the Simplicity led you astray; I'm infamous for forgetting a stop, and if I'm good, I make a list of what to do, and then I amend it while rereading the original directions. So far what you've got looks pretty damn fine, no one but you (and us) will know, and I'm not telling....

  4. I usually try to beat patterns into submission, and win, even if it means completely changing the style. However! I just threw out a UFO I'd had for f i f t e e n years.

  5. Wow, fifteen years. Thats a long time! Ive just put together this dress and Im still having issues, mainly with the skirt. Im going to have to either do some cutting down or ripping.

  6. I love the fabric! And I learned something with the rick rack! New skill added to my repertoire, thanks!


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