Monday, May 6, 2013

Flea Market Find: I bought luggage!

Hello lovely people!

I call this one, 'The Thinker'.
Yesterday on a whim and very early in the morning after 5 hours of beer drinking, I went to the the Pasadena Flea Market with some friends. It's a very large flea market that takes place once a month at the city college. They take over two parking lots and two levels of a parking garage. It's filled with all sorts of stuff from records to toys to vintage stuff to housewares. You name it, and its most likely there.

The other thing is, a vast majority of the stuff there is crap. A lot of sellers just don't know what have, don't care to present it well, or think it's worth more than it is. But, that is the dazzling drama of the flea market hunt.

I went pretty much for the adventure of it. I didn't plan on really getting anything because I don't need anything. I did pick up a glass baking rolling pin for $10. I'll be using that.

I saw a Singer treadle with its original table and an amazing 6 door cabinet. The seller wanted $125 for it, but I didn't have the space or desire to repair and store it.

It was on my way out that I wanted to look at a 20s cardboard sign I saw coming in. I had made a mental note of it thinking if it were still there when I was leaving, I'd perhaps get it. I didn't find it, but around where I believe I saw it earlier that day, I found these.

It's a his and her set, married couple, each had 3 pieces. They are monogramed, and the original keys for the locks are present. I had passed by the set, pondering, 'I do need luggage', especially after traveling to Viva. My friend asked how much he wanted, and we were shocked by the deal. But I was leery. I really didn't need luggage right now and where would I put it and then he said, "I have the original boxes, do you want to see them?"

The circled pieces in blue are the women's pieces in this set.
Customer testimonials!
WHAT!!!?? It was so cool! The placed they shipped from is downtown LA, and my friend and I are going to see if that building is still there. He said they were stored in the couple's garage and they kept everything. Oh, to wonder what else was in there. The seller also had the original pamphlets that came with the sets. It's from those that I can date these to the mid, if not early 50s. Why early 50s? I found this online.

The sets are in great shape, with only one having any real damage, and that's slight. All the original hangars and bars and hardware are in tact. The linings are in amazing shape and the handles are good.

I actually like the style of the men's lining more than the satin of the women's lining. Now a days, that men's version would be a 'less feminine' women's version of luggage. Though, I think my favorite is the train case. SO cute!!! Now I need to travel somewhere.

These will most likely be the three pieces I use the most. Two of the woman's, one of the mens (the most damaged).

Washed the outsides and I'm airing out the insides.

As far as storing these, I'm going to load them with some of the clothes I'm selling in my closet. A couple I'll store with fabric around the apartment, and the boxes I'll collapse and put in my storage unit. I'm super excited about these and LOVE the idea of having an early set of 50s luggage!

I'm now off to daydream of traveling!
Have a great Monday!!


Little Black Car said...

I have two suitcases, the overnight bag, and the cosmetic case in the marbled tan color shown in the ad. I've forgotten where I got them all--I know one of the suitcases came from an antique shop and the other from a secondhand store (I spent a whole weekend scrubbing cigarette tar off of the outside; it apparently belonged to a chain smoker. Luckily, she seems not to have used it much because the lining didn't smell). I swear I once saw a round hatbox or overnight bag, too, but since I've only seen one I suppose I might be mistaken. I also have a blue cosmetic bag that belonged to my grandmother. The cosmetic cases are fantastic for travel because they keep your shampoo, etc., from getting squashed and oozing out all over everything.

The tan cosmetic bags are a sort of antique-mall bingo game for my mother and I: You get a point every time you see one in a shop. The record is five in one antique mall. Mine aren't in as good a condition as yours, and now I know I don't have all the sizes.

Kimberly said...

What a great find! I have fond memories of my grandmother always having the train case with her on every trip she took.

Tilda said...

Good gods, with the boxes they came in? You had to buy them!

I have the train case and I love it :)

Dangtryagain said...

I found a pink set of luggage at a rummage 3 pieces, one is a train case got it all for $5.

Jeannie Watt said...

I am officially jealous! Great find--enjoy.

Emileigh Mimi said...

OH MY WORD!!! COOLEST THING EVER!!! With the original boxes and all the pieces?! That's so, so, so awesome.

Wendy said...

The suitcases are a lovely find! I want to say what a cute "great thinker" you have :)!

sew.mad5 said...

What a great find, i do envy you.

Lisa Daniels said...

I found a set of luggage at a garage sale (not near awesome as yours) I use for storage(fabric, patterns etc). I have them stacked next to my loveseat where they double as and end table.

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