Thursday, August 4, 2011

I dyed my shoes! Squeeeee!!!

My dye arrived at 3 PM yesterday. An hour after the notice said it would arrive. Hell, considering UPS' normal handling of packages, that's right on time. 

I tore into the box right away and looked at the dye. I'd never done this before, so I was leery of the chemical smell from the dye. Nope, none of that. It was water soluble too. Rinsed out my paint brush with no problem. Really impressed with that.

The dye is from Spain, so the instructions are very international. It was funny reading the English version. Gotta love syntax errors :)

In any account there isn't much to it. Because I was dying synthetic leather, I didn't have to 'scrub' the shoe clean. I could also skip the primer sealer that is supplied with the dye. I swabbed the shoe with alcohol and then applied the dye.

It went on smooth but streaky for its first few coats. I expected that. 

After the third coat, it began to sheen up and look real good. In between coats I waited 45 minutes, just for safe measure.

I put on a total of 4 coats, minus minor touchups I had to do when I removed the tape. The instructions said to let them 'stand' 24-48 hours, then I will be able to buff them and polish them. Neither of which I will be doing.

This is great! Not only do these shoes look swell, of the .8 ounce bottle, I still have 4/5 this of dye left! That's tons! This stuff can dye canvas, leather and synthetic. Oh.....! I'm very impressed with this dye. If I ever have to buy more, I'm sticking with this brand.

I may go for the red ones next. I can do those in half a day. Would you believe I don't own any red dress shoes!? I know! What kind of girl am I?

For all those that were concerned, don't fret. There will be breeches talk tomorrow :)


Moxie Tonic said...

Wow! Those turned out amazing!
I can't thank you enough for this post!! I have some faux leather boots that are just scratched and beaten all to heck, and I have been at a loss how to even begin setting them to right. Been browsing around the Tarrago site and am going to order the quick color and see if that won't help :)

Tasha said...

Wow, those look fantastic! Really professional. Looks like a fun new project, too... shoe dyeing isn't exactly your everyday usual activity!

Lisette said...

Yes, what kind of girl are you, not owning red shoes! I own at least three pair, they seem to go magically with everything!
This is really interesting, I didn't know you could dye something made of synthetic leather. A handy tip for my costume work!

Sally BC said...

Hey the shoes look great - and the red ones should be great too. I'm wondering, however, if you shouldn't use some polish on them. It might sort of "seal" the dye in. Just a thought.

Shelleyj said...

Thanks Ladies.
Im already starting on the red pair. :)

Sally, the dye itself has a sealant in it. Its pretty cool dye. Im glad I got this brand.

Coley said...

Which color dye chart is most accurate from the ones online?

Paris Jomadiao said...

Your shoes looks great! Is the shine due to the actual dye itself or from the original sheen of the shoes. I'm looking to buy these Kimchi Blue flats from Urban Outfitters:

They ran out of the black & neutral green tone color in my size, so I was looking to dye the pink ones black. Thanks so much for your help!

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