Sunday, May 13, 2012

Catalog Sunday

As I'm waiting for my freshly mopped kitchen floor to dry, I give you Shoes! These are the summer footwear fashions from Sears '43.



Jane said...

I wish I could place an order for some of those! So tired of today's big clunky shoes that make your feet look like Frankenstein's and those silly platform ones ala Kim Kardashian that looks like stripper's shoes.

Butterfly said...

I love how you can see that they have good arch support. Since I dance in a formation I spend a lot of time thinking about arch support :) The combination of I'll fitting shoes without proper arch support doesn't make for very good dancing. Since we all have to look alike and therefore have to have the same shoes. Which just results in them fitting equally horribly. But these shoes? You can just tell from the pictures, that the shank (the metal part) is properly curved. I'd say those are probably the comfiest shoes around :)

MissKristen13 said...

Le sigh. To buy gorgeous shoes for under $6.00. One can dream...

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