Monday, May 14, 2012

Vintage Homemaking: Covering the unsightly.

Happy Monday one and all. I hope you had a great weekend. I actually had a rather mild weekend. I traveled down to the fabric district on Saturday (I'll take pictures of that place soon, I promise) and got some extra yardage for the couch cushions. Now I know I have enough fabric to finish them.

I'm still waiting on the second frame. I'm going to call about it today and hopefully, if it has arrived, get it tomorrow.

But this weekend was actually rather mild. I did go dancing, rather discouragingly (I'll do a post on that later in the week) and on Sunday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned! It was amusing, I cleaned my 20s apt while wearing my 30s kitchen pajamas all day.

I mopped the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, did 5 loads of laundry and cleaned the bathroom, whew!

I also was able to take a couple of hours and put some skirts on some of the shelves I have. You know, cover the unsightly.

Now that I have experience with the measuring of the cushions, I felt I could tackle this rather easily.

For the shelf of my vintage patterns, I used some of the extra fabric I got for the underside of the couch cushions. I overbought that fabric so I thought it was a good use of some of the excess.


On my jaunt to the fabric district, I bought 15 yards of red sheer cotton blend for the skirt to my vanity in the bedroom. I had a vision that was the type of fabric I wanted to use for that space because it was light, and see through a bit. I knew the drape would be good too.

I washed and ironed the seven yards of the fabric, then I sewed the hem 1/2" then folded the top 1 1/2" down. I then made a 1/2" casing for the string. Man oh man.


The back of the vanity facing the wall is where I pulled the fabric flat. I like the way I did this because it makes the skirt gathers adjustable depending on the size of the table I put it around. 

It's getting a bit more girlie. I feel I'm not the most feminine woman on the planet. I'm cool with that, but I feel I do need to make my home a bit more warming. 
What do you all think? Is it getting girlie yet?
 I'll get it all done soon :)


jennywren said...

I think its looking really good. I love the choice of colors - very welcoming. I would describe it as more grown up womanly/sophisticated than girlie.

Isis said...

I think it looks great! Especially as that is what I plan to do with my vanity when I get it!

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