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Couch cushions 100% complete!

Don't they look great?! Well, hold on. I'm sure most of you by now are noticing my 30 second photoshop job, and realizing that this is just the first finished couch turned sideways.

But THIS is the arrangement I want...I'm hoping for. Because, you see, MY OTHER COUCH FRAME IS MIA!!!

It all stared with an eBay find. The seller wanted to ship Greyhound and I told them that I ALWAYS have had trouble with that service. "I haven't," he said. So he shipped it that way (because shipping was included in the cost of the frame, and I was getting it $100 off the lising). I conceded to the Greyhound freight and now I'm couch frameless.

Greyhound can't find it and after calling the LA branch, and the branch I wanted it delivered with NOONE EVER PICKING UP THE PHONE, I finally called thee package express 1-800 number. Got a person and they seemed pretty lax about not being able to find the package.

The person I got on the phone was smart alack. "Well, our shipments generally take 7-10 days." "It's been twenty," I replied. "That's double your time frame, so..." We got disconnected. But before that she did put a 'trace' on it, whatever that means. I called the other day, and again, it's like this happens all the flippin' time. The guy emailed me paperwork to file a claim, which takes 60 days for a payout! So it could be three months longer waiting for the money to be refunded for this frame. All the while, there is another frame online (by a different seller). The online couch frame is twice what I paid for this one, and I'm not going to pay that, but the idea that my frame is floating around out there, unclaimed, and there is another one I could get has me at a crossroad.

What I'm going to do is go down to the Greyhound depot and make them CHECK to see if it's not there. My instinct is telling me it's been delivered. Since they never pick up their phone the many times I've called, I can't call. I wish I could do something about this. If it IS there I'm going to write a nice long letter to the BBB about this. I hate Greyhound.

Lesson here is to never EVER EVER use Greyhound Package Express. It's a bullshit service.

Pictures of all 8 cushions in case you thought I was lying. :)


  1. How does one lose a COUCH??? I mean, it doesn't just disappear in a stack of mail...

    Hope it turns up!

  2. Wow that really sucks. I hope things work out for you.

  3. The missing couch frame is such a pain! If possible you should go to the Greyhound depot and have them check for it as you mentioned. How do companies stay afloat when they provide such terrible customer service????


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