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I've chosen a blouse pattern!

This is me in 2010.

Me last year just as I was starting dancing.

Me a couple of weeks ago.

This was me on Saturday. 

It's dancing, for sure. I didn't know the change was that drastic, or rather, the 3" waist difference from those old pants to my new ones.

I'm a different shape from Onda as well. My bust is 2" smaller, my hips are 1 1/2" smaller, and my waist is 1" smaller. I'm basically the size Onda is with no foundation garments. Which calls for my new blouses.

I decided on the Simplicity because I really like the look of the blouse. It's a cool 30's blouse, but the sleeves and yoke are one piece. Leave it to the 30s to make garments that are not fabric efficient.

I traced out the pattern and I altered the bodice of a dress to a blouse using my slopers. My difficulty was the sleeve/yoke. Luckily I only had to make one mock up. I also have to remember that the width of this piece needs to be 24" wide, minimum.

I did have to alter the darts on the shoulder, which fit Onda pretty snug, but fit me rather fine. So Onda's shoulders are now wider than my own.

I like the fit of this one, but the facing for the blouse, which is built in, is super huge. I did some small adjustments on the real blouse, but plan on doing some more for the second blouse (already cut out). 

More to come! Have a great day!!


  1. Congratulations on an even healthier version of you! Isn't it great to lose the weight by doing something fun? You are beautiful no matter what.


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