Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Which should be my new summer blouse?

Good morning everyone!
Have you ever felt like a change? I mean, you have looked in your wardrobe and discovered that you no long have the affection for some things that you cleaved to not two months before? That is where I am now.

It's not because I don't like my clothes, I do! It's more I need to advance my vintage style. If you saw what I wear to work all the time (pants and a big sweater) you would know why.

I need new blouses. The ones I adapted from my previous 30's pattern were great, but I need a change, a new fit, more style.

I offer up these styles.

My repro, NVL 4361.

I'm thinking this blouse because its all kinds of awesome and I haven't made it yet.

McCall 3276

A classic 30's blouse. I like the boxy look of it, and that would 
be a change from my more tapered blouses.

Simplicity 1683

I have always love the bodice of this dress and could make it into a fun 
versatile blouse for all kinds of crazy!

Du Barry 1785

A cool obnoxious collared button front? Me say yes!

Let me know which one I should pick and I hope to get started this weekend.
 Alright lovely people, have a great day!!


T'Pel said...

I vote for the Du Barry. The collar really sets it off. I like your repro a lot, but I'm having trouble seeing that style fit into an office setting. Not sure why - likely lack of imagination on my part.

Regena said...

I like simplicity 1683. You've lost a bunch of weight and I think you need to show off your more svelte self with the trim cut of this one. No boxiness and no poofy sleeves

susied said...

I vote for the DuBarry. Love the neckline and the puffy sleeves!

Tammie said...

I like the first one. You could mix it up with different fabrics and you get to use buttons on the sleeves.

Julia said...

I like the Dubarry! I love the puffy sleeves and collar!!!

sewingandsundry said...

I vote Simplicity 1683 because a) I'm interested to see what a blouse made from a dress pattern would look like and b) I like it!

Mikhaela said...

I vote for the repro, NVL 4361! love all the pointy shapes and the cuffs.

Lynn said...

I just fell in love with the last one.

Nettie said...

I LOVE Simplicity 1683!! But there is something to be said for the shoulders on Du Barry 1785.

Shelley J said...

I'm leaning toward the simplicity myself. But that neckline might not be too summer friendly.

Regena said...

in a nice voile or other lightweight fabric, it will be very warm weather friendly.

quinn said...

I'm just catching up on several days of blogs, and you've probably already chosen your blouse - heck, you've probably already MADE your blouse! - but I want to say how much I like the DuBarry 1785. As you say, for a blouse. I love that simple shoulder and gathering all across the yoke. Comfortable and flattering! I'm off to google the pattern :)

quinn said...

Oops! Sorry, I read the wrong caption! You could probably tell, I meant the Simplicity pattern. :)

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