Friday, May 4, 2012

My clothes are too big...

...and I feel stupid...

...walking around looking like this. Yeah, I know it's good. Dont' get me wrong, I'm happy about it, but it does bring a slight concern to my wardrobe.

What do I do now? Do I leave the clothes alone and just let them get baggier (a friend last week said I was swimming in my clothes, I better get to sewing), or do I alter them knowing I'll most likely have to alter them later. 

What do you all think?

Should I go on and make new clothes? Oh! And Onda, what do I tell her!?
Aw, whatever, I got some dance events to plan for!

I'm going to Camp Hollywood! I just ordered my pass. Four whole days of dancing and classes. This year, because it's my first year, I'm more interested in the classes than anything. Perhaps next year, I might be in a position to do some amateur competition. At least that is my goal.

Who knew dancing would take up so much of my life. Tee hee!

Okay, back to my couch.
Things are coming along. I measured out all of the fabric and I'm just in the process of overlocking it.

The red is the fabric for the underside of the seat cushions. 

Even got the zippers! This is gonna be awesome!!

All the cushion fabric cut out.
Starting on over 23 yards of piping.
I'm so excited about these cushions! I'll post more progress soon.
Hope you all have a great weekend and dance, dance, dance!!!


Rueby... said...

If you're planning to continue losing weight, which, if you're continuing dancing it sounds like you're probably better NOT altering, or making new clothes at the moment. I'd say hit the thrift stores, find some basics that are (I'm sorry!!!) stretchy, and run with them for a few months or make clothes that are more forgiving like wrap dresses, wrap skirts, and blouses that look good blousey and tighter. If you alter everything now, you'll only have to do it again in awhile which is more work and might end up wrecking the items instead of helping them.

Shelley J said...

I think Im gonna make new clothes. I have a rep to maintain, after all. :)

Rose said...

I recommend making new clothes, but for the interim, alther the clothing you have by taking in the side seams. I'm in the middle of a fitness crush and I don't want to make sew or buy new clothing while I'm still losing weight (fingers crossed). My quick and dirty solution is to take in the side seams of my trousers (using long machine basted stitches) from the waist to the mid thigh (on my stretchy yoga pants I take in it at the center back seam). It might be worth a shot to make your clothing more flattering--if it doesn't work out you can just remove the basted stitches.


Rose in SV

Chellzapoppin' said...

Hahah.. I knew it would take up so much of your life because I've been Lindy Hopping for 14 years this month...and yes, it's one of those things that is addictive, fun and introduces you to a whole new circle of friends and fun and keeps you fit. It DOES take over, but in a great way.

I just helped run my 9th Hullabaloo - which is Perth's annual Lindy Exchange. It's a HUGE event with 5 days of socials, workshops, late night dancing, a ball etc. So yeah, it's all addictive and I wouldn't be surprised if you volunteer for next years CA.

Make sure you go to all the social events at CH. Social dancing is what swing is all about in the end. Not the comps, it dancing with people and having fun. I've never been a comp person, I life to watch them but that's it. If you see Shaz, say hi to her from me and tell her you are a buddy of mine.


eileensbasement said...

What a wonderful dilemma to have! I would say either take in the old (if possible) or take this as a wonderful excuse to sew up some new swingin' outfits!

Can't wait to see the culmination of the cushions project. I really like the fabrics you picked out.

Jennifer said...

What about altering now your least favorite things, and saving those you love best for when you've lost more weight? Or alter it all, and make/buy new when your weight has stabilized? (Unless altering is more work than making new - I don't sew, so I don't know.)

Maureen said...

The elastic belt can come to the aid of a too large garment. I have a large bust and waist and hardly any difference between waist and hips - problem for dresses. I've discovered the elastic belt. It makes a huge difference to the too big dress!

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