Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some images from my housewarming.

This was the culmination of weeks of prep and getting my house ready. My first party. I think it was a big success! I had about 25 is guests (perhaps a few more) and it was up on the roof of my 1920s building.

My set-up friend Mary took these shots at dusk.
The LA Conservatory is in the upper right.
 I had a few friends come over and help me out with set up which was so nice of them. Within the hour, we had the food out, and were ready for guests. By 8:30 people began to trickle in. Soon we had enough to move them to the roof.

There are a lot of people behind the white wall.
 Over there is where the booze was placed :)

By midnight we moved back to my apt because it was getting cold. We set up the music and chatted for a while. The last person left at about 1:30. I consider that a successful partay!

The morning after.

I spent Sunday cleaning and getting stuff in order. I washed 4 sink loads of dishes, and put the party stuff in an empty cabinet I'm calling the 'party' cabinet from her on out.

My friends are generous.

The bottled people brought. I'd say my bare is well to being stocked.
The Willet rye was the most popular. It's gone!!
The party was so much fun and I hope people had a great time. I invited all the people from my building and quite a few of them came! They said the roof looked the best they had seen it in a long time. I want to host another party over the summer. A BBQ perhaps! Party hosting is super fun, and a lot of work!

A couple of people I was really expecting didn't come, and I don't know how to feel about that. One person in particular I think I'm gonna just disown. I've had a lot of issues with this person, and I think it's time to cut him loos as a friend. I don't fuck around with my feelings, especially when people disappoint me.


Vintage Cherry said...

Too right - life is too short to put up with 'friends' who don't pull their weight. I would have come!
I am having a few friends over for lunch Sunday, and I am going to try not to spend five hours before hand cleaning this time!

Valerie said...

Ohhh, a roof to party on--so fantastic! I hope you have many more 'warmings' in your new home. How did the Royal Chromes hold up?

Shelley J said...

The couch I had held up just fine. I cant wait to cover them so they will look posh the next party I have. Ive got the entertaining bug now!!

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