Just another fat girl.

I finally went to the doctor the other day. It was a strange visit. The clinic was full of people and I waited for a while. I didn't mind, I do enjoy people watching. The staff was quite busy, and extremely professional and courteous, which made the time go by, but still I arrived at the end of Shrek, had my initial check in through most of Pursuit of Happiness, and was called into the doctor at the start of Food Inc. Strange movie progression, isn't it?

I was taken to one of the back offices, which was quiet. I was glad. I hate screaming babies. The office was painted with a mural for kids. A zoo setting: giraffes, seals, tigers and such with their children, only we were the ones in the cage. The cheeky tiger cub was handing me a piece of popcorn. Silly tiger, don't feed the animals.

I waited for another fifteen minutes and a doctor in a pink knitted shawl came in. She seemed nice enough. Introduced herself, and looked over my chart. She asked me a series of questions on my throat congestion and sometimes difficulty swallowing.

"Sinus pressure?"
"Ear ache?"
blah blah blah

She got up from her stool and used that light stick thing to look in my ear and nose and a tongue dispense to check my throat. All of 6 seconds. She never even touched me.

Really, I asked.
"Yeah. I don't see anything wrong."

Now, what I wanted to say was who has allergies entirely and of the same consistency for a duration of 3 months? But I didn't, she is the medical professional after all.

What am I allergic to?
"Don't know. I'll prescribe you an antihistamine." She then went on to talk about my last pap-smear, which, granted was a while ago. She seemed much more inclined to get my lady parts in order than anything else. She then went on to comment on my blood pressure, which was 'a little high' as commented by her and the nurse who took it. Never got any inkling as to what 'a little high' was. Could it be a stress high? Because my life has been a shitty one these last few weeks? Didn't ask because I was still reeling that we were talking about this and not my throat of which I was not satisfied from her conclusion.

But I'm also tired a lot, I said.
"Could be because of your weight. Have you thought about getting serious about it."

WAIT I thought.

"That might be the reason for your high blood pressure." Oh, so now it's high? I get it, this woman sees a lot of poor and low income people and she automatically assumes that I'm sitting at home eating chips all day and drinking soda. I shit you not, I had to cram my lifestyle into this conversation.
I'm actually vegan and I do most of my own cooking and baking-
Um, no...I do a lot of dancing and walking too.
"Well that might be why your blood pressure isn't higher."

It was at that moment I flashed back to my old doctor in San Francisco. She was an Amazon, did like 5 iron mans, a vegetarian and a very inquisitive person about an individual's lifestyle. She asked about *me* and when I went in there I was worried that my health was related to my weight. My old doctor told me, "From what you have told me, you eat right and have an active lifestyle. Sure, you could loose some weight, but its not an absolute for your health." My blood work reaffirmed it, I was in good health, no sign of anything bad, and I was eating worse then than I am now :)

Well, I'd like to have some blood work done, just to see where I am. The doctor paused and nodded.

"That's a good idea. We can run a diabetes and thyroid test." Thanks, doctor. "You also might want to keep a food journal so you can keep track of how much you eat. You know you'd be surprised. Document everything...a chip here, or there."

I don't buy junk food. What I found ironic was Food Inc. was still playing in the lobby. I *wanted* to say: You know, I noticed you playing Food Inc. in the lobby. I went to Santa Monica when it was in limited release to see it. I've read both of Michael Poland's books, and I actually have 'The Omnivore's Delemma' on my phone and listen to it when I grocery shop (which I do), and I also read Fast Food Nation, twice. But I didn't say that. I agreed to the food diary. What she does not know is I've been in the habit of keeping one for over a year now. I measure mostly everything. Half teaspoon of sugar in my 5 oz coffee with one oz of soy milk every morning. Yeah doctor, bring it on.

The experience was a sucker punch. Perhaps it's the manic depressive in me, but makes me wonder how other people perceive me. Here I am, thinking I'm being a confident strong, albeit overweight woman, and exuding that, and I guess all people are seeing is another fat girl. I don't know what to do with that.

I've been taking the prescription for a few days, still no change.

I know I can't change other people's perceptions, but how in the world can I or any of us compete with our own stereotype?


  1. Y'know I would find another doctor if I were you. That sounds like a lot of rubbish to me. She didn't even ask the right questions. BTW I commend your lifestyle!

  2. I feel your pain. I've been overweight most of my life and it has pretty much nothing to do with the way I eat. But when we went to see a doc to find out if it could be something else, his immediate response was that "you don't feel good because you're fat." Before I was diagnosed with lymphedema, I was told that the swelling in my legs and the fact that the skin was breaking open and leaking was because "you're fat. Have you considered getting your stomach stapled?"

    There's a very good reason why I hate doctors.

  3. I say...get another doc...nothing gets me going like being diagnosed by your looks. When I was a very poor single mama, I was sent away with results of an abnormal pap smear, and told to watch who I had relations with. I hadn't been in a relationship in a while at the time. One year later, at a new doctors office, I was sent to get the cells examined and found out it was cancer. I hate stereotypes. Good luck! Bran

  4. They have discovered recently here in the UK that lots of people who are taking medication for high blood pressure don't actually need it. The reason they have it is because their blood pressure goes up when they visit the doctor. When they're not at the doctor's, it goes down again. This has been a huge news story because it's not just a few people, it's tens of thousands. Worth bearing in mind!

  5. That sucks, I hate when doctor's waste time. I had one tell me I had Lyme disease just because I got a red spot. Ridiculous.
    We're all stuck with stereotypes, but I think that those of us who are smart, inquisitive and compassionate get the benefit of learning that they aren't usually true. That's why I love talking with people, because they're never what I expect.

  6. It's really too bad that the doctor couldn't look past your weight when you needed to talk about a completely unrelated-to-weight health issue. I mean, I understand *why* a doctor would want to bring that up -- a lot of people just don't understand how to take care of your bodies -- but she should have listened to your concerns, not made up new ones for you.

    That said, as far as allergies go: there are a lot of us who suffer severe respiratory allergy symptoms all year 'round. I tried 5 different antihistamines alone and in combination before I found one that worked for me. Sometimes the symptoms can be so bad that I feel like I have the flu & can't even make it to work. So she might actually be right about the allergies... but it does seem weird that you would have just suddenly developed them.

  7. I hear you, NVL. Stout African American female in a doctor's office, been there, done that. Unfortunately, I didn't always have the right insurance or enough cash to go where I would be valued and understood. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which causes weight gain. I hate it when people think I sit and eat all day. Three months of suffering with 'allergies' is not normal. Find a specialist if you can. Also, as a side note, Naturalists or alternative medicine practioners are great to consult with for non-emergency concerns.

  8. a friend of mine does medical transcription for a group of doctors and says it is remarkable how a woman who weighs 200 lbs is denoted as FAT but a 300 pound man is just fine. All my doctor sees in me is an over 50 menopausal aging female with a fat neck! (I also went in for similar symptoms along with swollen lymph nodes in neck). A month ago he labeled me slim and trim and now I am overweight- and my weight has not changed! I think the only item he noted on the computer he stares at during my visit is my age.

  9. I'm with every one else. Time for a new doctor!

    Don't stop looking until you find the right one.

  10. No, she's just another shitty doctor. What saddens me most about your story is that I've heard it from so many different people. It really shouldn't be so hard to find a doctor who will actually listen to you, but it is.
    You though, you're awesome. Not only do you exude confidence, but through your blog you help and inspire other people to find their own strength and confidence, which I bet is more than that doctor can say.

  11. Another doctor, fast! Seriously... This one's not so unusual, but she's a dud. Don't trust your health to someone like that.

  12. All those things you wanted to say, you should've said. when I go for a doc visit, I do not like pat answers becasue I am a chubster and have gray hair. the last visit was for my daughter, the doc prescribed all kinds of things and about 5 shots....without consulting me!! The minors mother!! the dot was embarrassed, but I gave that doc a large piece of my mind and had her cancel all but one shot and the acne cream......
    don't even get me started on the ob/gyn I had once...only once....may she rot in h-e double hockey sticks. she and her supervisor got a big chunk of my mind that day, let me tell you.
    Take no crapadoodles from these people!!!

  13. Wow, thanks for the feedback everyone. FInances keep me for shopping around for a new doctor, but Im going to request a different one. I was just astounded that this woman who saw me all of 6 min thought she could figure my symptoms out.

    My throat clearing is still here, unchanged. Wish I had insurance.

  14. What a shame--I've had doctors treat me like crap for not shaving my legs before...which, last I checked, has nothing to do with my health! I agree, time for a new doc. But even with a great doc, there's nobody that knows, and nobody that cares about your health like YOU.

    RE: the allergies, I had the same kinds of problems with throat/swallowing, and it turned out to be a food allergy (to gluten). So you might really want the food diary, but not for the reasons the doc suggested. As a vegan, your diet is probably rich in several of the top allergens, including wheat and soy. It's free, can't hurt you, and is worth a try to do an elimination diet! The testing for food allergies is very expensive and not very reliable.

    Best of luck with the health concerns.

  15. I honestly find it very difficult to comment on post like this. I'm Canadian, and find it unfathomable that money makes such a difference in healthcare. Then, I find it unbelievable that there are people in your country who are opposed to the idea of universal healthcare when I hear stories like this.

    I hope you manage to find a different, non-idiot, doctor. I would recommend doing research on your own as well...be wary, of course, but the internet has A LOT of information on it and my doctors are always impressed with my depth of knowledge when I go in and the questions I ask. Stick up for yourself as well and don't be afraid to - doctors are not infallible!

  16. Thanks Scooter.

    I was thinking those two things as well but I don't consume abnormal amounts of wheat or soy. I don't eat a lot of bread, and depending on what I make I don't go soy overboard (I loathe fake meat products). My overwhelmingly main soy consumption is a half gal of soy milk weekly.

    It's just so strange because I can remember the day this started, and I was not eating soy or wheat. I know that does not matter, but I just find it so strange.

  17. I eat properly and do a lot of activies like yourself and like you I'm ROUND & CUDDLY :) :) :)
    I'm sure it's in our DNA there's those who will always be cuddly no matter what they eat and do and there will be those who are thin no matter how much they eat and don't do.
    have a greyt weekend
    joan in italy

  18. I have a link for you (well, not a link, just a blog recommendation). Dances With Fat. She's a national dance champion, who is fat, has perfect health by numbers, and gets that All The Time. Basically, it's not you, it's society (and that doctor was horrible). She has some awesome thing you can print and bring with you to the doctor's office when you end up stumped because of the, "Oh, it's because you're fat!" diagnosis. I've also been swing dancing (Lindy Hop!) for 4 years, and I know how much of a good workout it is!

    Unfortunately for food intolerances or allergies, a very tiny amount is all that's needed. I did a 4 month elimination diet (no soy, wheat, dairy, corn, peanuts, etc) and felt AWESOME. Then I added things back in and, uhh, now I cheat a lot. Mostly when I'm super busy with school and don't seem to have time to cook.

    Also, I would love a couple recipe recommendations. Since you don't do much soy or fake meats, it seems like you'd have some good options for me. :) I'm making chickpea curry tonight (yum!) but I get stuck on the same few bean or lentil recipes.

  19. What a cool blog, dotted lines! Thanks for the link.

    I actually did a month long soy fast before any of this happened and I felt the same. When I incorporated it back into my diet, I realized I didn't actually eat that much of it (soy milk being my largest soy intake).

    I may do a wheat/gluten fast, see how that works. That would be a fun experiment. Especially since I do all my own baking. Well, maybe fun is not the correct therm ;)

    Thanks for the comments everyone, you all are awesome!

  20. I don't trust physicians. Find a naturopath. I am a dentist and I don't trust physicians. There is something about being Black and overweight that translates into lazy and uneducated. Once I make knowledge born the conversation changes. It has to. In the past, naturopaths have corrected issues for me that physicians never even considered. You're good. I would have cursed her out.

  21. that must have been appalling. beyond appalling. i'd still be upset about it as well!

    i have no direct comparison except to say that my sister changed her PCP after the doctor decided, during a casual conversation in which my sister mentioned my mother's cervical cancer, that it was my mom's fault (as cervical cancer can be, but is not always, caused by sexually-transmitted HPV). of course, my sister was lucky, because she works in a hospital and had plenty of docs to choose from.

  22. Be glad you are not a cigarette smoker. Then the doc would just be blaming that and asking when you will get serious about quitting. They will insist on taking the easy out if you let them.

    I once had an ER tech [tech mind you and not a doc or a nurse or even a PA] blaming me for not taking my child back for a follow-up on a previous ear infection and that was the reason my child was back in the ER with an ear infection. I had to point to the record and tell the idiot to re-read the date on the previous entry - the entire date. The previous infection had been 13 months previous and the follow-up then HAD been done and documented. Yeah, I know the ER is a bit of over-kill for an ear infection. BUT that was in the day well before there were any acute care clinics for ear infections on a weekend. And I don't believe in letting a child hurt for days before getting the antibiotics if there is any way of avoiding that.

    As for the allergy angle: Are you living in a sick building? By that I mean one with mold hiding in the walls or where there are a number of people ill for no particular reason with similar complaints? I have exactly this problem in the building I work in. I usually have a seasonal allergy to molds in the spring. The molds in the building tend to keep the allergy going longer and sometimes allow for viruses to attack and prolong my misery. The employer actually shut the building down for a bit more than a year to strip out the insides, clean out the black mold, and rebuild. And still the mold is around. Not much for me to do but treat for a cold virus for months on end.

  23. I feel ya on this one NVL, I took my hubby to the doc for chronic ear infections (which they never did take care of and we do with a variety of homeopathic treatments now) with my step son. Hubby and I are stout, but very active people, we walk a lot, go hiking almost every weekend and run usually 5 days a week (though with this weather that hasn't happened). They made a point to tell him, in front of our son, that he needed to lose weight, that he was doing a disservice to his son and that his 8 year old, 4'7 110lb son needed to go on a diet. I almost got us kicked out of the clinic I was yelling at him so loud. The fact of the matter is that as large, confident women we are always going to be judged based on something, this time it's our weight, sometimes it's that I'm too confident, I must be hiding something. Just know that you eat healthy and that she is a small minded person.

  24. Thanks for all the replies! Wow. This is a hot button issue with people. Without getting political (even though I am EXTREMELY political) I do wish we have a much better health care system in this country. I don't think that doctor was bad, I just don't think she had time, or wanted to make time, to properly get background info, especially when you are used to working on one chronic type of patient. I don't have kids (or plan on having any), I've never been pregnant, I don't smoke, I don't eat animal products.

    T'Pel, I know what you mean about a sick building. Most people in my building seem okay. It gets warm here and the building does dry out, so I don't have a concern about that.

    I'm gonna try the non gluten way for afew months. Already found a friend how is vegan and doing it so she's gonna give me some pointers. That will be good. Now I need to collect all the gluten things in my home. I JUST BOUGHT a few weeks ago a crate of Bob's Red Milll rolled oats (oatmeal is my fave). What am I gonna do with those!? To sub I just got a bag of non gluten rolled oats.

    I hope its not gluten, that would mean I'd have to change all my recipes! :p

  25. Some people are arrogant, some people are ignorant. Just because they are a 'professional' doesn't make it right.

    Years ago I took my son to the doctors as his sleeping was really bad. Just because my son talks in a monotone voice, and there is quite a gap before he replies. The doctor mistook this for depression. In actual fact he is a thinker, he just likes to make sure he has all the infomation before commenting. His monotone voice and manner is due to A.S. which also contributes to his sleeping pattern. The inability to switch off. He is now nearly 18, still doesnt sleep very much but is more able to cope with it.
    In the past he has been given the sterotype of being rather odd. Because people cannot 'see' his disablity.
    Rise up my dear and celibrate yourself. You are awesome. And yeah, look for another doctor, thats nether arrogant or ignorant. I am sure there are some 'out-there'

  26. A frended of mine who recently was diagnosed with a malign brain tumour was sent hoem twice from her GP, since he thought that her headache that evenmade her vomit and the fact that her legs just gave in under her once (definite alarm signals for brain tumour) were all just due to her being fat.

    Doctor's who won't even examine overweight people and who attribute all symptoms to being fat are not onlyinsulting, but actually dangerous.

    When she gave in and went to the IR she was in a hospital bed within three hours and in surgery within four days. Just fat - hah!

  27. Literally looloolooweez, I can recall the day, no, hour, no, moment that this thing happened in my throat. It was just 'bam', I'm here. No warning or precursor of illness, just there. And it's been the same, no worse no better for the entire 3 months. I'm just baffled.

  28. If you want to try gluten free recipes. the secret ingrediant for many recipes is Xanthan gum. it 'improves the crumb structure and reduce crumbling in gluten free baking with this natural binder'. It also helps food taste better. and its vegan.
    oh by the way this is what its called in the uk.

  29. I used to wonder if that kind of thing happened to just me. I told my husband that one of the reasons I hate going to the doctor is because 1. they would refuse to believe that whatever issue I had going on wasn't related to my weight and 2. they would be trying to get me nekkid and in stirrups, lol. Seriously, when they see you in real life and you are both black and plus size then they automatically assume things about you and your lifestyle. That's one reason why I like looking symptoms and whatnot up beforehand because if I don't suggest, hey, how about x, y, or z we might not ever get there because we have to discuss my freaking weight and or blood pressure--even when it's normal!

    It's best to speak up-if for no other reason than to not leave the place feeling like you should have said something and thereby adding to your own stress. Also, it's always good to remind medical personnel or really anyone who sees and works with a lot of people that "hey, I am a PERSON, here!" We can become numb to that, I think.

  30. Thanks everyone.

    Sew Vala, all to familiar with xanthan gun :) Another good trick for a binder in foods is a couple table spoons of soy yogurt. Not as good at the gum, but it retains a lot of moisture in the food too!

  31. Honey, given that it took 3 movies of wait to see someone I'm going to assume you're uninsured. You didn't get the "Just another fat girl" experience, you got the "just another uninsured girl" experience.
    I just got mine last week. I hurt my knee, went to the ER at a very well known hospital here because they were closest and I knew the ER visit would be covered by the public assistance I am due to get.
    As soon as they heard "uninsured", they treated me like shit. I had to wait 5 hours on a Tuesday night to see a doctor. When I finally got out of there at 3am, I saw that they had written up the discharge papers before the doctor even examined me.
    Well the knee got worse and after 6 hours to see a SPECIALIST at the public hospital on Friday, we discovered that what the first hospital did to me actually made it worse. Had I been examined and treated properly, I would have been healed up by now. As it is, I now have to sit out the big swing dance of the year because I can't even put on proper shoes without crumpling. Perhaps I can be optimistic about it... It's only been one day of proper treatment and I've already got the motion back in my knee. Ah, it feels great to bend my leg (makes putting on shoes SO much easier)!!

  32. I must say I'm with everyone else on this - try to find a new doctor ( or at least make sure its noted in your files that you never want THAT one again ).

    If you have the money/time ( get a recommendation from your practicing doctor - its cheaper ) go see an allergy specialist. I've suffered from extreme allergies almost all my life. I say almost cause they stopped about 2 years ago. Allergic reactions can change in our bodies. You can develop them out of the blue at any age. It probably isn't the food you're eating ( soy and such ); most likely its an airborne allergen of some kind like a pollen or a mold. An allergy specialist can tell you if and what your allergic to.

    As for insufferable doctors while I've never had the weight stereotype ( even though I'm no stick ), I have had the "she's faking it" stereotype. When I was a little girl I got sick all the time ( I wasn't diagnosed with allergies then ). It got to the point where both the school ( elementary through high school )as well as the doctors no longer believed me. They refused to check me, refused to give me medicine. They wanted me to see a psychologist. Later when I graduated we discovered the school building had to get a new roof - becasue the entire underside was covered with mold; which I was highly allergic to. So every week I would go to school and be exposed which would cause me to get ill every other week. But the worst time is when I had the flu and the doctor was already brushing it off before he even looked at me. The only reason we found out I had the flu was that my dad lied and told him he had the same symptoms the week before. Then and only then did they check me.

    I hope you feel better, and next time you got to that doctors office take a DVR in your purse and record the conversation. That way you can sue for discrimination.

  33. I am no doctor, but I have personal experience with some of your symptoms, as well as many years experience as a vocal teacher, and it sounds like it could be a mixture of a few things- thyroid (fatigue) and GERD/reflux. Do you have a white or yellow coating on your tongue? Reflux is insidious and I had no idea I had it until I lost my voice (3 weeks before I opened the lead in an opera!). Gluten allergies can cause GERD and there is a blood test you can take to see if you might be allergic (although it isn't always correct depending on your intolerance level). If you get the blood test though be sure not to change anything in your diet until after the test or it will skew. Weight can also be a factor because there tends to be more stress put on the stomach flap that keeps the acid in your stomach, but that isn't always the issue (there are babies diagnosed with GERD). I had to stop drinking soda to help with my GERD.

    You can try a few natural things to see if it helps- try elevating the head of your bed by 4-6 inches. Elevate under the frame itself, not by adding pillows- adding pillows can cause a kink in your esophagus and create back pressure which can shoot the acid even higher into your throat. Some people find that a shot of apple cider vinegar diluted in water, once a day, after eating helps too. Also, stay away from any caffeine and don't eat within 3 hours of your bedtime.

    One more thing- try to NOT clear your throat if you can. Instead, try humming the phlegm out. Clearing your throat is a fairly violent act on your vocal cords and may be creating more phlegm to protect itself (which turns into a vicious circle).

    Good luck!

  34. People suck, sweetie. And I think you look fabulous.

  35. What an ordeal! Time for a new doc once finances allow. If you can, get a second opinion. I find it odd that she diagnosed it as allergies, but didn't offer to recommend an allergist.

    She could be right about the allergies though... last year I had so many 'colds' I thought it was just a sickly year. Then I woke up one morning to what looked like pink eye... so I went to the eye doctor who said I had allergies in my eyes and sent me home with a prescription. A month later, I broke out in hives; my regular doc sent me to an allergist who found all sorts of surprises. I've never had allergies before in my life and now I have several. OTC antihistamines do help. You might want to try one for a few days to see if it helps your throat. At very least you could rule out if it really was allergies.

    Good luck!

  36. It sucks that doctors in those kind of clinics are so time-poor that they end up treating people that way (ie using stereotypes to diagnose, or asking shallow questions). I've noticed that when I go to bulk billing places I get poor quality of care as compared to when I go to a GP (don't know if these australian terms make sense but they sort of compare to being uninsured vs insured). I ended up getting prescribed something that made my situation worse by the bulk billing doctor because he didn't try to figure out my underlying problem, only treated the surface symptoms. I hope you're able to find a doctor you can build a relationship with soon.

  37. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I have a feeling this is going to be an on going thing. I go in for blood work tomorrow, so I hope to hear later in the week about just where I am health wise.

    I don't think I have an allergy, but Im not a doctor. We will see. I'll keep you all posted!

  38. I'm coming in late, but I just want to agree with everyone else!

  39. I'm sorry you had this experience, Shelley. Not fair. Not cool. My older sister has gone through this with a couple of ongoing health issues, and it is SO frustrating for her. One time she fell and hurt her knee (while doing the limbo, LOL!), and spent a year and a half trying to get someone to take her seriously. Basically everybody said her knee hurts because she is fat. After orthotics and all sorts of other crap, someone finally agreed to give her an MRI and discovered that her tendon had ripped completely off her kneecap and she needed surgery! DUH!

    I've had the opposite problem, actually. Through the years, my various doctors have gone out of their way NOT to bring up my weight, even when I complained of symptoms that might be related to obesity. I think they were waiting for me to say "help! I'm fat!" They could have mentioned it, at least, if only to get my feelings on the subject.

  40. Hi! I think this is appalling. Find another doctor. I once had an intern(?) not sure if he was an actual doctor, but was working as one, say to me, "Why Ms. _______ didn't you KNOW that you have to be rich in order to survive after a transplant?" I was so sick at the time and hospitalized that all I could do was give him a sort of "dead" (as in too sick to hardly look up) stare. I was so sad and cried often at that experience. But later on they got some new people at the same hospital and things are sooooo much better. Their attitude, at least outwardly, is less snotty now. Most persons there seem to be friendly and genuinely concerned about me as a patient. They were very good to me when I had my recent heart attack. Hang in there and get a different doctor. Sorry for my late reply.

  41. I just had a conversation with my sister this morning about differential treatment by health care professionals. She is a doula whose Haitian clients are routinely questioned during labour, over and over and over again, regarding their drug use and poor diet during pregnancy. She completely lost it on the labour team of her client this morning, when *every* person who walked in asked the same question about drug use. You don't want to get in my sister's way when she's pissed off, so hopefully they won't try to pull that on the next poor, Haitian woman who has to have her baby there ;)
    My BIL is an ER doctor, and he specializes in making snap judgments of people....I usually call him on this kind of s**t, but they are apparently taught how to do this because of time pressures. Screw the fact that their assessments may be wrong...at least they can get everyone out quickly. If their diagnosis was wrong," the person will just come back again. ". *roll eyes*.

  42. I´m late to comment but see if I care.
    Both my son and I have reflux and we´re allergic to all sources to gluten and all dairy. From the time I removed all gluten and dairy from our diet, I dropped 14 kilos in less than 6 months. A kilo = 2.2 pounds. I´m too tired to do and maths but yeah. Nothing else changed in my life. I could just see myself becoming back to my old form.
    Now, what most white peeps miss is that black peeps have more muscle tissue in their bodies, it´s a hereditary trait basically and should be taken into consideration. I have a training as a sports coach so I´ve learned a lot from muscular tissue and hereditary traits between different races. When my son was born ( he´s a mix of basically all of the reces, black gene strongly involved ) all the midwives in the hospital ghasped because he really didn´t have any typical babyfat but a sixpack instead. It looks very untypical for a newborn, I can tell. Also him being nearly 3 weeks overdue played a part. I told them htat he´s mixed and the ladies gave a unified " A- haaaa ".

  43. I mean it should be taken into consideration because muscle weighs more than fat.

    Also, my son is allregic to soy but I`m not. I don´t eat a lot of soy but when I do, I gain weight quite easily. Other than that, I can eat pretty much anything at all but nothing happens to my weight. There´s been studies ( I don´t have the links ) that soy is one of the things that can easily add up to weight and it is recommended not to be used if a person has a thyroid problem ( I do, so that´s why I don´t usually consume soy ) since it has an effect on thyroid and its workings. I´ve seen this happen on my own case. Of course, I can´t alk on others´ behalf but thought I´d mention regardless.

  44. My thyroid is fine, WRS, and my soy intake is all but half a gal of soy milk every 10 days. At most, a brick of tofu every 10 days as well.

    I also went on a soy fast for about two months, nothing changed. Thanks for the info!

  45. I just read this post and I absolutely HATE it when a doctor tells me I'm over-weight and I should lose some weight to take pressure off my joints, back, etc. My inside-my-head response is "No, S#$%, Sherlock!" Like I don't KNOW I'm over-weight and like I haven't tried to lose weight for the last 20 years. Those same doctors NEVER offer any support, assistance, or any advice on HOW to lose the weight. Thanks for the help, dude. So, I found a supportive doctor who doesn't judge me based on my weight and doesn't assume everything that I feel (aches and pains) are only because of my weight. After time and tests and a medical history with him, he diagnosed me with fibromyagia, got me on medicine and I'm FINALLY able to exercise without wanting to die from the excruciating pain.

    Which also makes it easier for me to do other things, like sew, since my fingers, hands, and wrists don't hurt all the time.

    Hang in there, girl! You are awesome!

  46. I, too, am in pretty well health. I do indulge in things like sweet, but I stray away from red meats. The only thing bad my weight has caused me, health wise is being anemic, and that I was anemic for a while. After that I have perfect to low blood pressure and no signs of fatal diseases. I hate the fact that because I'm a more curvy individual that they see me as a unhealthy.

  47. I love how you jazzed up your blog with vintage appeal. Very classy. :-) As I was going over your post, I read that you were having allergies and went to see a doctor. Antihistamines really work well, but we must go back to the root cause of the allergy. If you live in a building or you have some old stuff sitting around the house, be sure to disinfect place or throw away those unnecessary old stuff. These are the most common culprit of allergies. Allergies can cause respiratory problems if not treated. I hope you are now in the pink of health. Thank you for sharing.
    Maisie Hood

  48. Thanks, Maisie, but it was never allergies. Its a sinus infection. I have two air purifiers in the home and because of my dog, I clean weekly. Its just I needed a better Dr. Still do. I hope to get it taken care of soon.


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