Sweaters part 1: more dyeing more fashion

You all know I love sweaters. I am always wearing one (like right now) and I find them a great accessory that's quick, warm and easy.

I'm a Land's End whore. I am. I go to their clearance webpage, and I'll get 4 $11 all cotton sweaters for a song. I've sone it twice now.This go around I got a cotton wrap over blouse sweater. Super cute. I bought 4, all white. Well, cream. But the key is 100% cotton, which means dyeable.

This was my first time dyeing something in this new apartment. I was very worried about the process. I didn't want to splash dye everywhere, and more importantly, I didn't want to stain my lovely, lovely sink.

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely day with good friends, happy family, yummy meals and delicious drink.

Just some pictures of my sad little vintage Christmas tree in all its glowing glory.

Merry Christmas!!

Etsy Update!!!

Hi everyone. Just a quick update on my etsy shop. 

I'll be taking all dress commissions based on one on one contact. I don't want to list them in the store and finds it saves a lot of time if we just talk to one another with no etsy buffer. Please feel free to contact me via etsy and we can chat over email from then on out. If you are interested in a commission, please let me know, I love working with people!

I've placed a lot of new garments in the store so check those out. A lot of the dresses I've listed are also ones I've done on the blog, so you know how they have come together. Don't we all love a story to our clothes? 

Plus, per the request of some people, I am now doing law-aways! I've listed the details in my store policies so let me know if you have any questions.

Also, with my repro patterns, I've taken inventory and have listed the ones I actually have in sock, now, printed and ready to ship. To cut down on shipping time, because I have about a week buffer for the printers, I've listed what I have available, how many,

and if not available right now, you can see here in the description. This way if you want a pattern I sell that's in stock, I can ship it in a day or two instead of a week.

Okay, that is it. You all have a great Christmas and I'll chat with you soon!

Catalog Sunday:Christmas Edition

Hi everyone. This Sunday I have lovely pages from my 40s 
Chicago Mail Order Christmas specials catalog.

Working on my beauty regime.

Happy end of the world, everyone!
Okay, if this *were* the end of the world, then you wouldn't be reading this and rolling your eyes that I made an end of the world joke, so we are all better off, right?

Back to business...

Some progress

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting much these last couple of weeks. I've got two dress commissions, a side project for some friends, getting holiday things together and just coming home in the cold weather and wanting a hot cup of java and a warm blanket...
Cold weather does that to me every time. I just love snuggling beneath the blankets with my cat nestled on my feet and a warm cap on my head and I'm a happy gal.

Other than that I have been working on things.


Today I have some great archival clips I found on this cool footage site.

T3Media has tons of footage pieces available for purchase and licencing. Their search engine is cool and you can roll over a clip to have it play, or you can click on it to get a larger image.

I did a search of women WWII and found all of these.

MOT 1945: women
WAC Follow the Boys to Victory
MOT 1943: Factories
It's a cool site and has tons of footage. It's only clips though. I'd love to see a site that has tons of full footage.

If you all have a site that you'd like me to share, let me know.
Have a great day! 

I didn't do much this weekend.

My morning greeter.
Ever have that feeling? You make a list a mile long in your head to maximize those precious 48 hours only to discover that not much of what you planned got done.

Photo shoot and it's raining alterations!

Good morning everyone. I hope things are going well and you are gearing up for the weekend. I sure am. Last night I stopped at Target and picked up some tops that I could do that alteration neckline thing to again. This time they were long sleeved and perfect to wear with my winter things.
Speaking of winter things, or things for that matter, I don't have many.

November Pattern Showcase

My sad little Christmas tree. It needs some work.
Good morning you lovely people. I know I didn't do a showcase last month. Frankly I didn't get much in the way of patterns, or anything at all on October. But November was a plentiful harvest for sure, wink, wink.

Quilt Progress and Photo Shoot

Happy Tuesday one and all. Yesterday I go into work and they have a real Christmas tree going up in the corner of the office. The smell was lovely. I guess the office will decorate it soon. I also had my first candy cane of the season. Oh yes, the Holidays are here.

Photo shoot: My work attire for Thursday.

I felt like wearing a dress yesterday. It's going to be cold and rainy for the rest of the weekend but I wanted to wear a dress, dammit. You know how you get those urges. 
Most of my dresses are a bit large, and my wool ones are too large. 

Time Capsule: Digging up projects from the past.

I've been sewing for a few years now. I think roughly 6. I remember really getting into sewing shortly after my mother's death, and thinking I could do it all. Of course, I knew nothing about grading, fit, fabric choices, etc. All I knew was that I was sewing and that was good enough, right?

An organized sewing space and photoshoot!

I like being organized. I don't think that is too much of a secret. I'm not anal about it, but I do like the idea of things in neat boxes and folded properly and knowing that an item will be there when I go and look for it. Sometimes I forget where I organized it, but none of us are perfect.


This cool vintage tumblr is just what it says it is Art Deco Architecture.
I love the cool crisp lines. I actually like deco more so than nouveau.

There are hundreds of pages, all captioned and most with a bit of history. Thank you! This is a great way to just loose yourself in the sleek design of yummy deco!


My Christmas List!


I got started and finished early. 
I put up a wreath on my front door over the long weekend.

Quilting spillage!

Happy Friday everyone. 

What I did all day yesterday.
I hope you all are recovering from food coma, dysfunctional family, and too much wine. It's all about the wine. Me? I had a quiet time at home, forgoing friends because I just wanted to be alone. I do love being at home and I'm not tired of it. All my stuff is here, all my sewing is here and I have projects to do, damnit.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

May the elusive turkicorn shine down sparkles and moonbeams on a happy day with family and friends.


Sometimes a basic search can bring up a cornucopia of great things.

There is a Google search for vintage illustrations.

Cool Vintage Things on the Internet (CVTotI)

This week on CVTotI I have a great Flickr feed of African American portraits from the mid 1800s.

Its by the same Flickr User, Black History Album. I've posted some of their albums before. They have some great collections.

Remember, if you have any cool links you'd like me to share, just email them to me and Ill post them.

Weekend of aesthetic warmth.

Good morning everyone. 
Hope you all had a nice weekend. I staied at home and actually worked on sewing! I got the second pack of royal chrome furniture and stowed those in my storage locker, and I got the cool boxes I ordered from House designs earlier in the week.

My first left handed tool!

Hi all! It's Friday and you know what I plan to do this weekend!
Getting through some of my 200+ squares I cut last night!


This week I have a cool tumbr of classic fairy tales written for the 20-s hipster in all of us.

These are amusing vignettes. Check it out and have a laugh. Remember, if you have a cool vintage site on the internet, let me know and I'll post it.

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