So much unpacking still to do.

Hello one and all. 
I thank you for tolerating my hiatus this past week as I got on the ball and moved into my 20s apartment!

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have NRA embroidery scans from my Fredrick's catalog.

I'm on the air!

Happy Monday, everyone.

 I'm just dropping a line to let you all know I'll be out for a couple of days as I finish up packing and get ready for the movers on Wed. I'm moving in the morning and that afternoon I'll be on the radio!

That's right, I'll be doing a live interview for Women's View Radio this Wednesday afternoon (4PM PST). I'll be talking about my vintage patterns, and general all around vintage stuff. The show will stream live online and on radio (check listings on the site).

Okay, I'm off to work on my radio voice!
Have a great day everyone!!

Here is the interview!

Catalog Sunday

Since I'm moving, I thought 30s home furnishings would be a good post to have. Enjoy!!
These are from my mid-30s Montgomery Wards catalogs.

Some pictures of my new apartment.

Happy Thursday one and all. 

So much going on with me. I'm sewing, I'm dancing, I'm working and I'm moving!

What I'm cramming in in-between packing boxes.

Happy Tuesday one and all!

I hope your week is going well. Actually, I hope you all recovered from last week by having a restful weekend. Me? Well, I'm glad you asked. MY weekend was just as packed (ha, that's a pun) as my weeks have been.

On Saturday evening, after a day of determination to go from this,

to this!

LACMA Mid Century Design Exhibit pt 3

The last installment of this amazing exhibition. Really, these photos are just a fraction o f the goodies that show has. You have until June, go see it!

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have the last installment of my
black women's wig book from the early 1910s.

LACMA Mid Century Design Exhibit pt 1

This evening I traveled to LACMA for the California Mid Century Exhibit.
It was a Thursday and the museum was open late. We met up at 6:30 and I was surprised that if you were an LA resident, you got in free!

You walk into a large breath of space where it has been transformed into a kitcky 50s tasting space itself. It's wavy gravy, man.

The future of NewVintageLady

A new beginning always involves packing.
Hello Moving boxes.
I'm finally starting to pack. I get my keys to the new place on the 16th, I've arranged movers for the 25th, and I've gotten two large boxes together for donation so far.

Spoils of the Fabric District

Good morning everyone.
I have had a super busy weekend, and another busy week. It's been planned since the weekend: Monday, dancing. Tuesday, laundry. Wednesday, dancing. Thursday LACMA (museum of art). Friday, packing. Saturday, packing and dancing. Even Sunday is full. Whew!

Oh, I don't know if I posted this, but here is a photo of my new apartment building.

Weekly Etsy Update!!!

Hi all!
Hope your week is going well. I'm getting ready for the move to my new apartment in a couple of weeks (I'll have more on that later) and as I'm weeding through my belongings, I've decided to let go of more of my clothing. I'm hoping to pay for the movers with some sales. We will see...

I'll be listing more of my dresses and other goodies soon.
Here are some things I've listed thus far.

Many of the things I'll be listing you have seen in progress on this blog :) A lot of these garments have fantastic hand touches and great vintage finishes. So take a look in my store for the low down.

Have a great day!

I blame myself.

I'm fasting. That's it. 

I'm fasting from buying myself vintage patterns and booklets for a while. Not that I don't see some that I want, trust me, I do, but more so than that, I'm tired of the outrageous pricing/gouging and the insane mis-categorizing I see all over the web!

NO! A 30s-40s pattern isn't from the 50s! Nor can a pattern span 3 decades and still be relevant! People listing 30s patterns as 20s, 40s patterns as 30s, 50s patterns as 40s and even 60s patterns as 50s! Last I checked, mini-skirts were not big in 1956. I've actually contacted a few sellers on eBay about that and most of them have changed it. If it flusters you as much as me, then please, let them know.

Its driving me crazy.
Remember when I posted about pattern booklets

Remember when I said that they were the next big thing? I shit you not, a week after that post a slew of booklets were all over the web at $12, $15, and $20+ each! I'm not a trend setter, nor do I believe people actually listen to what I say, but that was a shocker. I'm sorry to all you collectors out there, and I take full blame for it. That post has even bitten my collecting in the ass.

I'm just tired of overpaying. So, I won't be for a while. No protest of any kind, I'm just going through my stuff as I'm packing and I'm quite content with my collection as it stands. I need to revel in that. I need to know I can't get everything all the time. Not that I think I can, but I'm just tired of thinking that *this* one is the only one I'll ever see, ever, when it's never been the case, ever.

I could go off on a tangent and bitch about people listing patterns on eBay for $70 when they are barely worth $15. I *could* talk about how lazy people are in listing patterns that they never even checked for pieces but want $100 for an 'old' pattern. I *could* say that if you don't know the era, then SAY SO and save us real collectors a lot of heart ache sifting through your intentional mis-listings in order to get more traffic to a pattern no one wants...

I could say that, but I won't.

I have five full boxes of goodies and I will happily be sharing those via catalog Sundays and the like, so don't think this 'fast' will affect this blog! I got y'all covered. I'm just deciding if this is what I want to spend on right now even thought I have the income to do so. I'll peep out some of my secret places and stay away from eBay for a while. It's, making me angry. So many things are popping up. It just seems that vintage is getting more plentiful, but the prices are getting higher.

What's up with that?

The Plain Pattern Project recap

Happy New Year everyone!

With the benchmark of a new year I feel a bit ashamed at asking, what happened!?
The Plain Pattern Project kind of teetered off the far end for mostly everyone. I get it, we all get busy, but I tried my darndest to keep it going and finished my three dresses. Did anyone finish?

Perhaps I was not the best hostess for the project. I did try to encourage as much as I could. Even hosted two giveaways? Is there anything else I could have done, or was I just a victim to the tide of people with busy lives? I think the ladder.

Well, it's water under there bridge.
With the positive view of the philosophy of the PPP, I think it can be an ongoing sewing tenant. Take a look at those plain patterns every once and a while. Appreciate them and study the craftsmanship of them. I can't tell you how much I learned from this exercise.

December Pattern Showcase!!

Happy New Year everyone!
Hope your celebrations were grand and
you are expecting some great new things for 2012.
I for one have some great things happening this year.
I'm moving! I got a great super large one bedroom that I will be
moving into in a couple of weeks. I'll post more pictures on that soon.

As far as patterns, I've been so decadent in my collecting this past month. 
It was Christmas after all. 
I posted some patterns here, but here are some more from my monthly hoard.

'Sew-Knit' patterns are hard to find, but alas,
 this one does not have the knitting instructions.

Happy New Year Catalog Sunday!!!

I thought turn of the decade coats from Chicago Mail Order 
would be a grand way to end a crappy year and begin a fresh one. 

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