The Plan Pattern Dress is complete

Goooood Monday everyone!

My hair was very strange these past few days. I don't know if you all can tell, but it's pretty straight, which I find odd. I have no idea what I did to it, but it stayed like this for days! Okay...

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have lovely images from a mid 30s Marian Martin catalog.

Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiips! and Laundry...

I've got bra burn out. It just hit me. I'm sure you understand. The last one I worked on just needs buttons, and I'm sure a brake from it will make me all the wiser when I get to cranking them out a bit later.

What did I do while LA was finally into its 90˚ weather?
I hand washed my laundry. 

The cutest patch I've ever made!

A friend of mine has this lovely sharkskin vintage dress. From the details; the extended button front, the full pleated skirt and the reversed box pleated back, I'd say this number is from '47-'52.

Making the Bra Pt 5

I'm running out of everything! First my scanner, now this!

This thread has been a dream to sew with, and now I have to go back to my crappy thread. Stupid looper for being a thread hog!

Making the Bra Pt 4

My hair after 3 hours of dancing last night! What!! It was a sponge last night, soaking up everything and not releasing any moisture. Went into class looking cute, came out a big cotton ball :)

I never realize how many freckles I have until someone points them out.
Oh, the bra, right!

Making the Bra Pt 3

Where is everyone? I expected a lot of questions on this...

Perhaps I am too wrapped up in this project, but I'm loving it. Remember when I said that I was aiming at this as a leisure bra, yea, well, not anymore.

I made a second  mock up with my sized cups and I was so happy with the outcome! Granted there are still some small things to fix, but so far for a try two this is totally becoming something that is wearable.

Here is what I did.

Catalog Sunday

 This Sunday is whatever is leftover on my hard drive. My scanner broke last week, so no new scans until I get another. Lets see what I have...

Wards 1933 (I think)

Making the Bra Pt 2

Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll!

So I put together the bra. Ladies, I'm pleased to say this bra is a day project. Really.
The thing went together in less than 30 minutes, and even if I had decided to add elastic, or make any real changes, it still would not have taken over a day to make this. That's the good news.

The bad news is this bra isn't my size. I already knew this, so I'm glad that I made up those cup pieces, so I now have a jumping board now that I have a clear understanding of how the bra goes together. 

Making the Bra Pt 1

Here we are. It's as if the stars have alined and all in the world is right. Lions sleeping with the lambs, roses growing on salted earth, and the weather is pleasantly 76 degrees worldwide.

Yeah right.

Here in reality, all I can say is that per the request of so many of you lovely, lovely ladies, I'm going to make the bra from my very, very popular reproduction pattern.

I have the worst luck ever.

Hi everyone. I know I haven't posted much this week. I've been off my game something fierce. I'm not really sure why. I feel pretty good. I had cocktails with friends earlier in the week then went out dancing, which I had so much fun. I just can't seem to get on an even keel.

Perhaps it stress. I'm bugged out on a lot of things. But the plus is I do have a freelance gig lined up. Wish me luck everyone, mama need the cash.

Maybe I'm off because I'm trying to regulate by body clock. I've been trying to go to sleep by taking a mild sleep aid which helped the two days I took it. Then I switched to beer, and well, that didn't help. So I guess I have to get back on the sleep aid. It worked great. I didn't feel groggy or sluggish when I work up, but not too rested either. And I've heard mountains from friends about 'how much sleep' you need. Sheesh, everyone is an expert.

Mainly I think I'm bummed because I don't have the funds from my corset making supplies anymore. My scanner broke, again, and I need it for listing patterns on etsy, which is a good chunk of my income now, so that takes priority. 


Plain Pattern Project: The Mock Up

My hair the other day, well, half way my hair the other day.

So I started on the dress. I didn't really mean to, but after I did the pattern adjustments, a little voice said, "It won't take too long to cut out your muslin. Go for it." The voice was right. Gotta love those simple patterns.

Let's talk about the sew-along.

This week I continued on with my get crap done initiative. 

I have this wax plant clipping that I got about 10 years ago when I was still in college. This one is about 5 years old. It's safe to call it a plant now, I think :) It's starting to flower again, and there is nothing more wondrous than smelling these sweet flowers on the air as you sleep. It's heavenly.

The Gutted Cloche

How is everyone doing? 
It seems it's been slow around the tubal-interwebs. I presume people are out enjoying the summer before school starts. Since I don't have to worry about school in any capacity (yay), I've been sewing.

I designated this week my week to get rid of projects. I had paperwork I needed to complete, a freelance project I've been putting off, and other odds and ends. This cloche is one of them. I've only had it for a few weeks, but I don't want the project to get numb on me.

New Pattern Day Yay!

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday.

I've got a new pattern out and I really, really like this one. As I try and add more separates to my reproduction line, I could not skip out on this blouse. It's got everything! 

A 1930s blouse with cowl neckline (or optional rever neckline), a sash bow back and, wait for it....button back. Did you check out those cuffs!!?? That's a lot of stuff and that's why I call it the overachiever blouse

The blouse is a 42 bust and I think I may be making this up in a week or so. I'm itching to take a crack at it.
Okay, have a great day all!

Sunday Swing Social

I realized I don't post enough of my events on my blog. I'm gonna change that.

This Sunday was a fun one. A friend of mine began hosting Sunday Swing Socials in the lobby of her apartment building, The Gaylord. Now this is not just a renovated apartment building, it was once a hotel to the stars. The lobby is filled with memorabilia. Photographs, hotel registries, bar soap, room keys, menus, and other odds and ends. I've been to this place before, but the community in the building allow for lovely socials. There was even a woman having an art sale out by the pool. It was a lovely vibe.

I dyed my shoes! Squeeeee!!!

My dye arrived at 3 PM yesterday. An hour after the notice said it would arrive. Hell, considering UPS' normal handling of packages, that's right on time. 

I sure am still talking about breeches.

My hair today.

Still plugging a way on my foundation garments. I'm saving my pennies for my corset supplies, and I hope to have enough by the middle of the month.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm wearing pink breeches.

This weekend was a big sewing weekend for me. Why, I have no idea, but I finished up two projects that had been in the cue for a few weeks.

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