More Jacket Madness!

Hello lovely people.
I hope your Christmas was grand and that the rest of your holidays are going just as well. For those of us who are Grinching, have a hot toddy and chill.

Corduroy jacket conclusion.

Good morning lovely people!
Sunday was the one year anniversary for Brian and I. We celebrated by staying at home and nursing my cold. I've been sick all week and apparently I'm not alone. Los Angeles has some wicked colds that go around, and I've never been sicker (caught the flu the first time in my life in LA) than I have been living here. I guess that's the reason for more bundling up.

More jacket images.

Hello lovely people.
THis week I've been sewing. Winter is coming, but in Los Angeles, it's about 70 degrees. Sigh. Still, I'm making progress on my jacket wardrobe and I thought I'd show you the progresses.


Hello lovely people.

Boy have I ben MIA lately. It's not for lack of projects, I've just been sewing for other people, repairs and what not. Tons upon tons of mending and repairs Nothing fun, just paying bills. That's the main reason I haven't been able to sew much for myself lately. Sans my tailored jacket, I haven't made much this last month.

New Pattern Day Yay!!

Today I have one in the extension of the men's repros I plan on presenting.
A great 40s windbreaker jacket.

Adrian from Vintageville has been so kind to model the jacket for this cover :)

The jacket is one of two styles; the tab button sleeve/waist option with patch pockets, or the felt front pockets with store blight elastic cuffs and waist. The windbreaker is lined with a front open zipper and two piece sleeves! I love two piece sleeves!

The jacket is a 42 chest and perfect for the rockabilly or classic vintage fella. Cant you see this in plaid or even denim?

I am taking pre orders in my etsy store now.

Making a call to support the small.

I have a message for all those who love what we do. When I say we, I mean all those who provide fun, items and information to the sewing and vintage community. Everyone from Eva Dress, to Fab Gabs, to Wearing History and beyond, to all the great sellers on eBay, the brick and mortar stores owned by one person, to the person who does it out of their living room, to yours truly. This 'shopping season, if you can, shop small, shop local and shop indie.

I don't just mean this community, either. If there is an indie author you like, buy their book (online or in paper). Shop an indie book store (while we still have them). Buy that pair of shoes, or that indie toy from that start up company. I make this plea not as a business, but also as a shopper.

I mean, I've done it. I've put off making that 'purchase', thinking that seller/item/business would be around later. I could get it later, what's the big deal? I have seen so many indie sellers just whiter away simply because I waited. And I asked myself, why did I wait? Why did I put off getting the item I really wanted and could get, for an item that i kinda wanted from a box store? Why did I do that?

I've realized these smaller sellers need me more. They value my purchase more, and my choice impacts more. That is the point of small buying and selling. These people took a passion and went beyond what I would do in order to bring it to a larger audience. I couldn't do it, I didn't do it, but their passion is so interesting to me. I've learned I want to contribute. I want to be their customer so they can keep doing awesome. They are doing awesome things.

This holiday season I'm going to buy the items that I want, not the most. I'm going to either make, create or share. I'm going to delight in the thoughtfulness of the give I give to another. Something I know they wanted or something I know they will enjoy.

People are tightening their belts more than ever. I'm going to make sure my choices have the most impact this holiday. If you are gift giving this season, think of your impact.

My second tailored jacket pt 3: Putting it all together.

More progress on the jacket I'm to wear this evening. I've laid out the front pieces which are to be interfaces and began and finished the process.

My second tailored jacket pt 2: The second muslin.

Hello lovely people.

Been feeling like I'm going crazy lately. Not like I need to be committed crazy, but more like I have so many things to do and I'm trying hard to stay afloat but I need to do more, crazy. Life kind of crazy.

My second tailored jacket pt1 : Making the muslin.

Alright, I've decided. I'm planning on making another tailored jacket.
The first thing I had to do was alter the pattern and do a muslin. I used my old slopers as a guide for the 38 bust pattern and made the mock up from there.

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have a treat. In the 30s, the hight of partially made dresses was very high. A lady would order a dress nearly made, but in some pieces so she could alter it for fit to her own tastes. I have had  a few of these mentioned in other catalogs (Lane Bryant, but I've never had one solely dedicated to the garments.

Another tailored jacket in a week?

Good morning lovely people.

I'd been thinking about what I'm going to sew next for me because I have been going through so many projects for others. Now that it's winter, I was thinking it would be a good time to sew some knits. I envision myself in my own custom t-shirts with cool necklines and perhaps a 3/4 length sleeve but cut to a vintage standard. Oh yes, I can see that.

Cutting the line.

Yeah, Christmas. You do that.

Poor Thanksgiving, seems like a second rate holiday. Never gets its time like it should. It's like the sibling who shares a room with an older sibling, or a person who has their birthday near a major holiday, like Christmas, like me. Thanks Christmas!

New Pattern Day!!

Hi everyone!
By popular demand, I have reproduced the popular wrap dress that I can't get enough of!
This pattern is super easy to grade, and is the best wrap dress I've ever worn.

I need 3 pre-orders in order to cover the printing costs, so if you are looking for a great fashion for winter, presto!
The pre-order is available in my etsy store.

Na na na na na na na naa na na na na na na na naa, Batman(s)!!!!

Hello everyone!

Whew! This has been a very stressful week. Quite a few of my friends were laid off, I was scrambling for payment from some freelance jobs. Aunt Flow visited. Rent was due. A crazy time.

September Showcase

Good morning!
This past month I got some real neat deals on some cool things and I thought I'd share them with you.

A lot of Doom in my house.

Hello lovely people.

I had a guest in my house this past week and he was rather menacing.
With my ongoing work of dressing hollywood monsters, I had the pleasure of having an original Doom costume in my home from the second Fantastic 4 movie.

Candy Shoe Repair

Good morning lovely people.

Our hiking path.
I know my blog posts have been sparse these past few weeks. Things have been bouncing like a ping pong ball on my end. Nothing bad, just things going everywhere and sorry to say blogging had to take a back seat.

This week approaching looks to be a bit more steady, like with hiking, I'm hoping to get back into the habit of blogging regularly again.

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday is the official start of fall. What better way to begin it that fashions from Fall/Winter Lane Bryant. Order now! :)

Etsy Update!!!

Just a quick update:
With a couple of new repros on their way,
I've also added more patterns to my etsy store with more to come. 
Yay rent!!
Have a great Saturday!!

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