"Hey, what's the blog banner mean?"

These past couple of weeks have been really sluggish for me. I don't know what it is. I have a mild throat congestion that won't go away and it feels like I can't ever clear my throat. My energy has been in the tank no matter what I do or eat or think. Sheesh. 

Maybe it's the hot weather. Maybe it's the two really disappointing job prospects that ended (really hoping to get one of those). I'm not sure. All I know is I hate not having initiative, so I looked around my apartment and said I need to do something. Will power! Yesterday I spent the entire day sweeping the cat off the floor, cleaning, putting clothes away and even finished some half done Make and Mend projects. I even made tapioca, although it was a very lame first vegan attempt.

I feel better, kind of. I guess I'm getting to a physical place where I feel gross if I'm not active or doing something. I don't sleep much, 6 hours or so a night. So the rest of the time I fill with projects. I've been drawing a lot more, yay me. I always feel I never draw enough, so me consciously putting pencil to paper keeps me going. I've also realized if I don't eat I get tired. So I'll sauté some veggies and I'm good for another 5 hours. That made me realize I want to put a bit more focus on what's under the hood. Not just body wise, but clothing wise as well.

I'm severely lacking in foundation garments. Nowhere near the options I've had for years in my handmade clothing. I need bras, leisure bras, and slips and all those types of things that will keep me comfy and make me look good while I'm wearing my clothes. For a while I've felt like I've half assed it. So I thought it was time I put some real effort into my foundation garments. Here is what I have planned.

First off I want to finally make the bra from my repro pattern. I'll have to do some mockups, something Onda will not be able to help me with. I love the gal, but she's not squishy. 

The bra is sized for the entire bust. It's vintage, back when 'cup size' was not really variable. I must say, I do so thank modern foundation garments for the advent of cup size. Yay! My bra band size is 38", my full bust is 48". That makes me a 38I, which is fairly hard to find, even on some sites that cater to the larger gal.

That makes me cleave to my brand of bra all the more, Glamorise

 They tout being around since 1921, but I'm sure the company has been under so many names it probably can't recall all of them. I emailed their info line to see if they had more history on the company. I'm waiting to hear back.

I'm a magic lift gal. Bra #1001. Nothing else, at all. Now everyone knows what to get me for Christmas! :) I've been getting this bra for years and just bought 3 more. The thing is, they didn't have the 38I, so I did what the lady who measured me told me: "It's fairly safe to go down a cup size and up a band size (or vice versa) if you exact size is not available." That's what I did. 
I bought a 40H from here

The fit is different. Not bad, but different. I've been wearing it for a few days and I already have to clasp it to the tightest setting, and that's too loose! So I'll have to take the band in a bit. Never thought I'd be tailoring my own bras.

I also bought this shaper. It's nowhere near my size (it's a 50C) so I'm going to be shaping it down, removing the cups, and using one of my old bras I'm going to make new cups for it so I will have a properly fitting all in one. I'm excited about that.

If you think about it, that's what women did, especially when they made their own. I mean, think of corsets! How tailored those puppies are, right!? 

I finally bought a corset pattern

I want to start on some Steampunk costumes in the fall, so I thought I'd go on and get my feet wet with corset making. This one from reviews I've read (and Beth is making it) seem to be a good starting one. It's got good clean lines, easy to alter the bust, so I'm going to give it a try. 

Geeze, a corset. I'll have to whip up a corset cover, and while I'm at it bloomers and stuff! Man, what have I gotten myself into!?

On a simpler note, I've also got the notion to whip up some vintage slips and bloomers and a few leisure bras.

That's about it. Just a bit of redirection from the outside to the inside. It's been neglected for far too long. Stay tuned for fun projects, lace and bra talk! Come on, you all love the bra talk! :D

I'm feeling a bit modern today. One of my favorite 'collaboration' bands that is no more.


  1. I'm top heavy too. 40I sometimes J depending on the time of the month. But When ever I go up in band the shape of the girls change. Not always to something flattering. And I'm a 40... barely. To go up to a 42 will have the girls slipping out from underneath the band when I lift my arms.

    Have you ever tried Goddess? That is my brand

  2. I'll be looking forward to your underthings adventures! I've made a few attempts at starting things (tap pants, mostly) but never followed through. So I am really looking forward to seeing your process.

    On the shaper, have you ever tried the Rago 21? So many vintage-wearing ladies I know swear by it -- I love it myself. Comfortable enough to wear all day working and eat at a big barbecue without having to loosen your belt. Ahem. I only have the 21, I hear the 721 is just as good (and prettier) but that the 821 is not so good. (You do definitely need to go down a size or two though.)

  3. Very interested in seeing how your corset and other underthings turn out. I really need to start making them for myself. So far trying to alter a pre-made garment has never turned out well for me. Although I'm "only" in the DD category the shape of each cup from bra to bra makes a HUGE difference in comfort, appearance under garments, and stay-put abilities for me. At a curvy 5'2 finding a cup with the proper width gets crazy frustrating (I need more depth than width.) Such small differences make tailored clothing and undergarments worth their weight in gold!

  4. I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. I also just started a crafty sewing blog and have been looking around blog world for inspiration. I just bought an undies pattern from Patterns by Coni, don't know if I'll like them but soon time will tell.

  5. I have made that corset. you definitely want a fit buddy. It's not supposed to be uber tight, don't use the woden busk if you are thinking about wearing it all dang day. And the Victorian corset is a bit more steampunk and very easy to alter. I've made the Lauging Moon one.
    I have pics of the regency corset here:

    and I have a tutorial on a victorian style corest for a wedding dress too

  6. I'm new to your blog, and I love it! As a tall, "big-boned" girl, it can be frustrating finding clothes to fit my frame AND come down past mid-thigh. I'm amazed at your sewing talent.

    You will probably find this to be a silly question, but how do you take in bra straps, exactly? Do you cut the extra and restitch or merely fold the band in and sew? I ask, because I have a perfectly good bra that happens to be a tad too loose.

  7. Hi Brandi,
    Im sure I could take apart the seams and re stitch where I wanted to alter, but Im not going to be doing all of that. Im going to take in the band a bit where the cups meet in the front but simply sewing in a dart there. No biggie :)

  8. i'm still playing w/ that bra pattern-- getting closer! but i know once i get it all figured out i can whip 'em out cheap and fast. i started by using my sloper as a guide to alter the cup middle seam and get the side seam in place(my biggest challenge is I have a ridiculously small underbust, like 34" that thanks to being barrel-chested flares to almost 40" at the bottom of my rib-cage, so all i'm working on now is getting the front underbust darted at the right angles to prevent flopover but allow breathing). i did find it advantageous to raise the back for support purposes (but i have pretty dense breast tissue, your results may vary), though that does preclude some lower backed tops.

  9. There is a free corset pattern over at Burda if you were interested... http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns/jacci-jayes-corset-pattern

  10. there's also a lot of free period corset patterns collected from their patents over at

    i've made a few of them, for myself and friends!

  11. Oh, this is cool. I have some bloomers/underdresses/slips on the menu for fall and winter (I live in a very cold climate and pettipants make such a difference!), so I'll be doing this too. I'm not a big fan of more structured undergarments though, so that saves me some trouble working with elastic and boning.

  12. I love the look of old fashioned underwear styles. I'd love to be able to make some but lack the skill for this kind of thing.

    Regarding your health, have you had your thyroid tested? These symptoms can point to an underactive thyroid.

  13. Can't wait to see your projects! I've put my corsets on hold for the moment but hope to get back to them soon. The regency stays get great reviews from well-endowed ladies, and the instructions are as clear as they come, so I think you'll like the pattern. And since Steampunk is fantasy anyway, there isn't a "right" or "wrong" period...


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