What's the most you have ever paid for a pattern?

It's a coat and dress. Rare yes, but still, that's an expensive pattern.
This one was a bidding war back when I had real disposable income. What made me mad was the seller then, the next day, listed this pattern one size lower. CRAP!!! Ah well, that's the way it goes.

Now, before this post fills up with replies of "Oh my goodness, I'd NEVER pay that for a pattern!" let's all agree that we won't do that, okay :)

This du Barry I recall was $45. Don't regret it for a second.

I know a lot of pattern collectors who are nearly embarrassed by some choice items in their collection because of what they paid to get it. Especially since my collection tastes got more refined, I had to focus like a laser beam to get some patterns. There is almost a secret glee getting that one pattern that you know others want. Whether it be from eBay or some online seller who knows their patterns, sometimes there are designs out there that command a much higher price.

My most recent big purchase. $50.

30's Simplicitys will be the death of me. Each one was in the $40-$50 range

I guess I'm a collector 'collector' now. I mainly buy patterns only in plus sizes, and mainly from the 30s. That alone is going to put me up there. And yes, I do feel I'm getting priced out of the game a lot of the time, but there are some items I will try to fight tooth and nail for. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. I think that's part of the fun.

This is the most expensive 40s pattern I've ever purchased. 
At $37, I love that its 40 bust AND a nurse uniform.

It is hit or miss sometimes. For patterns i think I'm going to drop a lot on, if its eBay I check the listing to make *sure* the seller says it's complete. That way, if it is not, back it goes. That has happened to me three times, and all three times I've sent the pattern back. I feel I can be a snob if I'm paying that much for a pattern.

This McCall was in the high $40s.

This is actually my only regret. I paid $35 for a nightgown! Oh me!

I once was asked how I can afford patterns like that. Truthfully, I don't buy anything else. All my income goes to rent and food, that's it. So every 5 weeks or so I'll treat myself to a nice pattern.

I do mainly try to hover between $20-$40 for my 'choice' patterns. I mean it's not like I go out every day and buy patterns this pricy. I do have self control. Yet you know, sometimes your heat just skips a beat and you have to try. I guess I'm saying choose wisely, fight for it, and don't be embarrassed.

So what is the most you've ever paid for a pattern? 
Was it worth it? Did you regret it after?
It's Okay to share :)


  1. The most I paid was $38 and my regret was the vendor I used not getting the pattern. Tho I mostly collect patterns from the 60s things that with little effort are readily available.

    You are a genuine collector. You have some pretty awesome patterns!

  2. You have one of the most gorgeous pattern collections around! And great stock in the Etsy store too. :)

    The most I've paid is $42. For this one, from the late 30s: http://www.flickr.com/photos/graustark/5540813453/

    The 1930s was the best era for my figure type, but they're the most beautifully illustrated to me. I don't regret this one at all, though I am afraid to try making it because if I didn't love the result I might feel some regret then!

  3. I've never paid more than $15 for a pattern, including shipping. That said, I sew kids' patterns mostly and even the 20s patterns are rarely more than that. I justify it by saying that it's the same as if I bought a modern pattern and paid *gasp* full price for it. (Which I never do. When I can get them for $1 if I wait for a sale, why would I?)

    You should see the number of size 2s in my collection. It's more than I'll ever probably make, and my focus is changing to three because the Bit is growing and will probably be there within the year.

    My favorite patterns are those that come with embroidery templates. I love making those, as they're truly unique. Bit has clothing in her wardrobe that literally, nobody else has! (And after adjusting the length, most people don't realize that it's vintage because little girls' dresses really hasn't changed that much.)

  4. The most I've paid is $90 for a pattern. It's a 1930s hat pattern and I don't regret it, though I have yet to make a hat from it (I should remedy that!).

    I spent $75 on a Vogue Special Design pattern which was complete with the original tag to sew into the finished dress. I was going to make it for a holiday party but got another job before the party and then didn't have a party to wear it to!

    You have some lovely patterns. I love your taste.

  5. The most I've ever paid for a pattern was $25 and I've made 4 blouses from it. We need to come up with some kind of system so we don't end up inflated the prices. I bid of three of the patterns you posted.

  6. If it makes you happy and you an afford it, treat yourself. I get old patterns from the 50's and 60's for $1 apiece, but unfortunately, they are too small for me, so I have to adjust them.

  7. |Im glad to see Im not the only one who is putting real money into their collection :)

    I was embarrassed by it for a while, but its not like ALL my patters cost this much. Mostly 2-3%

    Eileen, that Vouge sounds amazing, you should post pictures of the pattern.

    Andrea, yeah, I got a bit bonkers over some that I had a feeling you were scouting as well. Perhaps we should chat to each other, "Hey, are you interested in this one?" :)

  8. I don't normally collect patterns, so the most I've paid was 2 dollars. It was a child's pattern from the 1920's.
    My vice is periodicals, magazines, and catalogs ( like you display every Sunday ). I'm sad to say I've paid out the nose for many of them. I was once in a bidding war and ended up paying 600 ( this was for more than one but still...). I've learned never to go to real auctions, they go too fast :)

  9. This makes me feel so much better. While I try not to pay more than $20 for a pattern, I once paid around $45 for a 40s swimsuit pattern. There isn't much access to vintage patterns where I live so I often buy them from overseas which means expensive shipping + the exchange rate. I justify it to myself because, like you, I don't really spend money on other things except bills.

  10. The most I paid for one pattern was $40ish. I regretted it because I ended up having issues with the ebay seller not sending the pattern for 2 months, then sending it in a smaller size and with a ripped envelope (which wasn't in the picture). My guess is that she had 2 of the same pattern and sent the wrong one. Of course, I contacted her multiple times but after a while never heard back.

    Sadly enough, I found the same pattern in my size just the other day for $10!

  11. I think $70.00 not positive. I have bidded a lot more and still lost though.

  12. I love it when I pay a dollar for a total steel, but let's face it, those are few and far between. The most I ever paid was $45 for my dream pattern in the factory folds. It was absolutely worth it.

    No judgement here, your patterns are gorgeous, and worth every penny!

  13. I don't think I've ever gone over $50 for a pattern and I think I'd be afraid to use it if it cost anything over that! I can understand serious collectors paying that kind of money though. And for rare 30s patterns in good condition, I think it's absolutely worth it. Your pattern collection must be absolutely amazing if these are anything to go by...

  14. Well I have a norm, if the pattern is from the 30-40 and I have not seen it before I can go as high as $50 (been extreamly lucky that I have gotten the ones I love for less then $20.00) if they are from the 50-60 I just go $15 or $20.00 because I will have more chances that more are flowing around and will get a chance of geting it, 70's and 80's well it depends,, I have the most wonderful husband ever and He sat next to me as I was drulling over a Dona Karan pattern from the 90's the bidding was high (for my standars) $ 12.00 and he said "baby if you love it, wanted get it" OMG.... that is why I love this man!! he said put $100.00 and see if you get it,,,,--------flat line me on the floor,, ha ha ha!! well I did get it but not paid $ 100.00 it was just $15.29 , but the most expensive pattern in my collection is a 1938 simplicity I can't tell you the number cause is missing parts of the envelop is a womans suit I paid $45.00 and it was missing pieces, but I just fell in love and till this day I have not seen it anywere.

  15. Most I've paid - I'm not sure - definitely not over $30AUD.

    I haven't bought too many off ebay where the prices can climb quickly.

    That said, I bought a Lutterloh pattern book for $180 - which my mum got me as a birthday present. It's from 1956 and in pristine condition. No rulers though and I haven't sewn anything from it yet - so that could be a bit of a "Doh" moment.

    I tend to shop more on Etsy where prices are steadier. I have noticed some very high priced patterns on there which I dont think are always justified.
    Also - there is a certain pattern website which has prices upwards of $65USD...One of my latest 40's dress patterns I got for about $15 was listed on that site for $65! You really need to do your research I think!

  16. My most expensive pattern was $20 and that was twice as expensive as the second most expensive pattern I've bought. I do mostly lateish-30s to mid-40s.

    I could easily see myself paying $40-50 for the perfect pattern, though. Probably the perfect coat. I have this image in my head that corresponds with period pictures I've seen, but all of the actual patterns I've seen on sale are completely the wrong style.

  17. I'm guilty of pattern indulgences :) I used to spend more when I had a steady job. I honestly don't remember the most I paid, but I think somewhere around $100. It was for a pretty evening gown pattern- and that was four to five years ago when prices weren't as high and vintage patterns weren't as popular as they are now. I accept that I'm priced out of the market these days for most choice patterns, but I don't regret having bought patterns for the prices I have- as long as I know I can get a similar price if I need to sell it later on. I also don't go out a lot and don't actively collect many other things, and make most of my own clothes from the patterns I buy.

  18. The most I paid for a set of 1939 Lutterloh patterns was $250. plus shipping from Germany. This is a set of 90 patterns including clothing for women, children, and men where you enlarge the mini-patterns to fit using your own measurements. The company is still going strong today.

    I made one pair of pants that fit pretty good on my short and stout vintage body :)
    even before I made the minor alterations for sway back.

  19. I found your blog while admiring the DuBarry 5600 bodice; I love that pleating over effect (I have nothing in the front so distractions are welcome for me) and have spent some time making little paper patterns from the layout spread on the back, pondering how it goes together, folding and refolding, like little little origami clothes! Thanks!

  20. Oops. $60 for a Miyake suit on Ebay. Uncut but opened. I was pleased with the deal, but I had a steadier job then. Probably the priciest was a ShowStudio download of a MacQueen jacket; the download was free, but the hard drive died during the process, so that was a hundred plus embarrassment.

  21. The most I've paid was $50 Canadian and I think that included shipping. It was an outfit I made when I was way younger and somewhat slimmer! Only problem is the pattern is a size 10. I am not anymore so if I want to make it there's going to be some changes made around here! https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/72550243980042454/ Gorgeous disco dress!


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