You guessed it, I have officially been banned form the Queen Mary Hotel. 

Here is how it went down. This was the first email I received from the QM on the seemingly out of bounds pool section. I originally posted the pool images on my blog in the morning and by 3pm that afternoon I got this email.
Dear Ms. Vintage Lady,

Please be advised that we have reviewed the photos on your blog and noticed that they are taken in restricted and unauthorized areas.  We have forwarded these photos to our Security Team and asked them to ensure that these areas are not utilized by guests who are not escorted or on an authorized tour.   If you are observed in these or any other unauthorized areas, you will be removed and unable to return to the ship.  These are liability and security issues that we must enforce.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Jack A. Scibona
Director of Human Resources
562-499-1750 (ofc)
562-436-8567 (fax)
I decided to remove the original post, but then re-posted the images because I couldn't get anymore scolded, right? So the next day I was sent this email, same person.
The Management of the Queen Mary has noticed  you have re-posted the photos of you in unauthorized areas on the Queen Mary.  Your blatant disregard of the security and safety of the ship by stating “what was done was done” has led us to the decision that you are no longer welcome on the Queen Mary.  Your guest profile will be “flagged” in our system as well as  security notified that if you are observed on property , in a public or restricted area, you will be asked to leave.  Should you refuse to leave or return, you will be charged with trespassing as this is private property.

On Behalf of The Management Team  of the Queen Mary
Okay.... I thought that was interesting considering they never asked for the photos I posted to be removed. So I sent them this.

Hello Mr. Scibona,

My intent for reposting the photographs was not to aggravate the situation. In your first email to me, you never stated that you wanted the photos removed. I did that as a concession, but realized when you said the photos had already been sent to 'security', there was no need for me to take them down, because what a was done was indeed done.

I am quite disappointed with all this attention I am receiving from Queen Mary management. Especially since the pool has no signs saying it is off limits to the public. No locked doors we could find, so it was fairly easy to gain access to the pool area. It seemed to me it was like so many other parts of the ship, if you walk around enough, you can find interesting and lovely things. Perhaps if there had been locked doors and signs on them telling people to keep out, I would feel differently. As a patron of the ship for years, I have never seen such deterrents.

As someone who has a love for the history of the ship, I find it disheartening that my action to visit the area with respect and for the guise of education is being met with such venom. When I was there I was disheartened to see the area in such disrepair and neglect. As someone who cares greatly for the preservation of the 1930s ocean liner, I don't want to see burnt out cigarettes, and cracked graffitied/missing/stolen tiles from a place as beautiful as the Queen Mary.

The group of people I was with were preservationists of the ship, but in talking with others I have noticed that there have been many groups on the ship who go there for the wrong reasons, so I can understand your aggressive reaction to smite anyone who goes to the pool, how ever disappointing it may be.

In the future, I hope you will lock all the doors that lead to the pool area, and post large and very clear signs that give access to it, because there are absolutely none there and there have never been any there since I recall being onboard the ship. Perhaps a corded rope to the entrances of the pool with signs stating beyond this point is trespassing because I guarantee you, people will want to go to and see this area of the ship. Its stunning and grand and just wants to be restored.

I thank you for your time.
Strange, right? Has anyone else had an instance like this?
I'm still reeling from all the attention this has gotten me from the QM. I mean the place has tours of the pool area, they have for some time. In any account, the group that has been going there for nearly 8 years is starting to look for a new place to annually gather. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of that.

But as for the rest of my weekend, I did have a blast. We took our pilgrimage to 'vintage row' and I actually picked up a few things. 

I got this super cute straw-ish purse. It's most likely 70s but it worked with my dress for the Saturday dinner so well I just could not help it.

 It was $20! I did have to repair one of the straps that wrapped over the wooden handle, but I was lucky I had my trust sewing kit with me!

I also bought this blackface pin. Its a man playing a banjo. I thought he was great.

I was also given this pin. I love insect pins and have a few, so this one will fit right in.

Sunday was the Cicada, and I had a blast. It was pretty packed as a lot of folks seemed to turn out then. I was wearing a default dress because I didn't have time to make anything. Still I was totally social and met and talked with tons of folks.

Welp that's about it for the QM weekend. It might be my last one! 
Gasp, right?!
I'll be finishing up my Dust Bowl posts in the next day or so, and prepping for M&M too!
Have a great Thursday!


  1. Haven't you ever heard, "Never piss off a queen?" LOL

    I hope you and Mary will resolve things; sometimes just saying, You're right, I was wrong (whether you believe it or not) is the easiest way out. Esp. if you want to be admitted again.

    I love to read about all your vintage events and you always look great!

  2. Bummer! No one likes to be scolded - I like the letter you wrote back.
    If they could just be specific about "no photographs", fine. We sewing types are probably in the top 5% of most-law-abiding citizens. I was told by the owner of a fabric shop that they accept checks and never ask for ID, because their customers are so honest.

    Carry on!

  3. The letter they sent you certainly seems way out of proportion to what happened. I hope you get it resolved.

  4. I was totally hanging out for a drunken disorderly conduct story. This doesn't make much sense to me- you were showing off the gem of a place! Maybe they just aren't thinking straight...

  5. A few pics of the pool are a security issue?? Since when? Give 'em heck!!

  6. That's absolutely bull. Clearly they didn't take the proper precautions to secure the area, so how can they fault you for it? Your letter was very well-written and I hope they take that into consideration. I was born in LB and I have a soft spot for the QM. It's a shame they haven't restored that pool area.

  7. How exciting! I always say to rude people..."If this is the FIRST time you are speaking to me about something and you would like me to in someway respect your property/feelings etc, then I suggest to speak to me respectfully. You'd be more likely to get a positive response."

    Half the time they blow up even more but...those are the bullies and they don't know how to play nice ever.

    You go girl!

  8. I frankly dont care if this gets resolved or not. The turnaround of QM management is so quick, in 6 months they more than likely wont remember me.

    What I find so funny is that pool images of the QM can be found on the web, why pick on mine? Oh well. They got bad press from this, that's for sure.

  9. This is my first visit to your site. You are one classy lady! I have the greatest curiosity as to how they "forwarded" your photographs? (I do hope no right clicking with a save as was involved ;-).) Your lovely and now rare photos are your personal property and give evidence supporting no restrictions of said area. If the area is as dangerous as they are claiming, proper warning should be posted and guests should be alerted upon arrival. The QMH is truly benefiting from your class and kindness and appreciation for the beauty of the hotel. There is no proof of malicious intent in your actions. They could have ended up in a law suit ranging from tetanus, broken bones or distress from a nasty letter. Instead your photographs have given them the opportunity to share the beauty of the vessel without the potential of causing bodily harm. I believe a letter of gratitude should have been the order, while pointing out that said area is now unavailable to the public. Along with an invitation to see the post restoration facilities.
    I do hope the situation is resolved, I am glad it has not diminished the joy of your amazing experience.
    You are indeed a Lady!

  10. Just what Andrea said!! :))) I don't usually commet on things, but I am 100% behind you.
    If it was such a security issue or dangerous, they should have locked doors and/or roped off with signs etc.. and as for the photos.. I am not even going to go there...
    Their letter sounded spiteful, it's THIER loss xxo

  11. What a shame, Miss Shelley. If they don't want people interested in such a great historical site, why are they bothering to own and operate it? They should take the money they are putting into security, which apparently has nothing better to do than harass visitors, and put THAT into the renovation.

  12. My friends and I used to take "personal tours", shall we say, of the Queen Mary back in the mid 80's. We went to the pool, unused cabins, all over the old kitchens, and the lower decks. Not once did we see a sign telling us to keep out, and not once in all those dozens of adventures did we get hassled by security. We figured they were turning a blind eye to us. So sad that they've got a stick up their behinds now. I'm glad you posted those pictures, took me back to my wilder days!

  13. Hello,

    It must be the month of the National Anal-Retentive People or something. I got banned from a forum over something stupid and I come here to see all this fuss you got from the folks from the ship.

    I agree with Regena above.

    Hope things work out ok for you.


    Prien (from the Fedora Lounge)

  14. Gosh, they're seriously pathetic. They most likely have got egg on their faces and want to take it out on you. Still, it must be quite cool being an outlaw :)


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